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Check Your Austria Lotto Draw Results

Check the Austria Lotto Draw Results

Did you win prizes in the latest Austria Lotto draw? Compare the numbers you chose with those selected in the draw! If you matched the five main numbers and the additional number, you are the winner of the Lotto jackpot! Did your ticket only make a partial match? You could still be a winner of Lotto’s 7 additional prize divisions. Check the winning numbers posted here to see if you won Lotto prizes!

Austria Lotto is played every Sunday and Wednesday at 16:30 GMT. Ticket sales close on LottoSmile at 08:00 GMT on Sunday and at 13:30 GMT on Wednesday before that day's draw.  Lottery results are available on LottoSmile starting at 18:00 GMT, the same day.

*Austria Lotto has 8 prize divisions. The prize breakdown table above displays 10 prize divisions due to technical reasons. Austria Lotto does not award a prize for matching 2+1 or 1+1. The 8th prize category in the official Austria Lotto draw corresponds to the 10th prize division shown in the table above.

How to Receive FREE Austria Lotto Results

How to Receive FREE Austria Lotto Draw Results

Start getting the Austra Lotto draw results sent straight to your email after each draw by signing up for email notifications here. You can also keep up with winning Austria Lotto numbers on the go by downloading the LottoSmile’s FREE apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Get instant access to results and information for over 100 lotteries, plus check Austria Lotto results up to ten draws back. You will also be able to view draw schedules, and select your lucky numbers for the next Austria Lotto draw, wherever you are from the comfort of your mobile device!

Winning Lotto prizes

Winning Austrian Lotto Prizes

To win the Austria Lotto jackpot, match all 6 numbers drawn in the 1-45 guess range. Austria Lotto has 9 prize categories and a bonus ball, which creates additional ways for players to win. Players are even awarded a prize for guessing the bonus number correctly.

The Austrian Lotto's base jackpot is set at €1 million, and the prize money rolls over each time a draw does not produce a winner. This rollover policy regularly drives the jackpot up to €5 million, which is the average jackpot value for the Austria Lotto. All prizes are tax-free and can be collected in a one-time lump sum cash payment.

Players benefit from attractive winning odds for the Austria Lotto jackpot prize and all of the secondary prize divisions. Overall, 1 in 16 tickets win a cash prize from the Austria Lotto, making it one of the best lotteries to play. To get additional information about this amazing lottery, make sure to read our Austria Lotto guide.

Be sure to check out the official site for Austria's Lotto.

Austria Lotto Winning Numbers


Playing the popular Austrian lottery gives you a chance to win huge lottery prizes. The jackpots are big, the secondary prizes are amazing, and the odds of winning are incredible, making Austria Lotto a good choice! Make sure to check the Lotto 6 aus 45 results here after every draw to find out if you are a winner!

More information can be found on the official site for Austria's Lotto.