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Play Wednesday Lotto Australia Online

how to play Australia Wednesday Lotto

How to Play Wednesday Lotto Australia Online?

To play the Wednesday Lotto Australia, you need to choose six numbers from 1 to 45. To win the AU$10 Lakh jackpot, you have to guess right all six main numbers. Aside from these, there are also additional numbers drawn from the same barrel which are used for winning the secondary prizes. These supplementary numbers are not required for the jackpot though!

You can play the Australia Wednesday Lotto online on LottoSmile with a classic entry, by simply picking your lucky numbers in the grid above. You can also opt for the Quick Pick, which generates random numbers for your tickets without you having to manually select them. You can find more information on how our platform works and what benefits you can have by using it!

play Wednesday Lotto from India

Can I Play Wednesday Lotto Australia from India?

The Wednesday Lotto is one of the most popular Australian lotteries and you can now easily participate by buying tickets online from India. This is a very convenient method of playing Wednesday Lotto Australia, as you can use any device you like (desktop, tablet, or phone) to access LottoSmile, making the process fast and effective.

All you have to do is create an account on and you will get access to the benefits we offer.We should mention that is a safe and secure platform that offers players in India and around the world the opportunity to participate to 50+ worldwide lotteries.

Wednesday Lotto draw

When Is the Wednesday Lotto Australia Draw?

The official draw for this lottery takes place once a week, on Wednesday at 20:30 (15:00 the following day, India time). If you play Wednesday Lotto Australia online on LottoSmile, you have to purchase your ticket a few hours before the official draw. You can check the Wednesday Lotto results on our platform, or receive them by email or SMS after opting for our free alerts service.

Otherwise, to make sure you never miss a Wednesday Lotto Australia draw, you can opt for the Multi-draw packages. They allow you to play 5, 10, 25 or even 52 successive draws while getting a substantial discount on your tickets (up to 25%!). You can also set up a subscription to the Australian Wednesday Lotto, and therefore get every 7th ticket for free

Australia Wednesday Lotto additional numbers

What Are the Wednesday Lotto Australia Additional Numbers?

The Australia Wednesday Lotto has two additional numbers aside from the six main ones. Unlike other lotteries that feature extra numbers, the Wednesday Lotto officials draw the supplementary numbers from the same barrel as the main ones. This means that while players choose six numbers for the Australia Wednesday Lotto, the officials will draw eight (6 main numbers + 2 additional ones).

Remember that these extra numbers are only important for some of the secondary prize categories. To win the 6th and 7th prizes, you need to have both supplementary numbers on your ticket, and to qualify for the 2nd and 5th prizes, you need only one of the two.

Australia Wednesday Lotto Jackpot

What Should You Know About the Wednesday Lotto Australia Jackpot?

The first prize in the Wednesday Lotto has a fixed amount of AU$10 Lakh! When you play this lottery, you have a chance in 81,45,060 of winning the jackpot! The Wednesday Lotto Australia is among the lotteries with the best odds of winning in the World! Make sure you don't miss its next draw!

The Australia Wednesday Lotto rules allow up to 4 jackpot winners per draw, with each of them getting the full amount of the prize (AU$10 Lakh). In case there are more than 4 winners, the maximum amount of AU$40 Lakh will then be shared amongst the winners. If you want to try your luck with other Australian lotteries, there are some fascinating ones waiting for you on our platform. You can check out the great Australia Monday Lotto, or, at the end of the week, the wonderful Saturday Lotto or give a try to the amazing Australian version of the Powerball.