Our Growing List of Lottery Winners

In the years since our launch in 2002 we have paid out more than $100 million in prizes to over 5 million winners around the world. Our biggest winners have won lottery jackpots and million-dollar prizes - read their stories below. Perhaps your upcoming lottery win will soon be added to our list!

LottoSmile's Biggest Jackpot Winner

Panamanian Woman Wins $30 Million Playing Florida Lotto

Panamanian Woman Wins $30 Million Playing Florida Lotto

A.D. from Panama won our biggest lottery prize ever when she matched the six winning numbers in the Florida Lotto draw on 19 July 2017, becoming the sole winner of the $30 million jackpot. LottoSmile flew her to Florida to collect her prize. We are excited and proud of her amazing win. Read her story!


Our $30 Million Woman in Her Own Words

We have a new 'Biggest Winner' here at LottoSmile! On Wednesday July 19th, 2017, A.D. from Panama played the Florida Lotto draw through LottoSmile - with an incredible outcome: she won the $30 million jackpot that was at stake that evening! In the video above, she and her niece tell in their own words how they experienced this life-changing event.

LottoSmile's First-Ever Jackpot Winner

Iraqi Wins $6.4 Million Playing Oregon Megabucks

Iraqi player wins Oregon Megabucks jackpot

M.M was our first jackpot winner ever when he matched all six winning numbers in the Oregon Megabucks draw on 24 August 2015, becoming the sole winner of the $6.4 million jackpot! LottoSmile flew him across the world to Oregon to claim his prize and we couldn't be happier for him! Read more


Life-Changing Lottery Wins

Some people have all the luck. Want to join them?

€1 Million

EuroMillions El Millón Raffle – July 2019
H.S.L. has been playing with LottoSmile since 2017 after discovering he could play his favourite international lotteries from his home country of South Korea! He finally got his big break in July 2019 when he scored a €1 million prize without even matching the winning numbers! How? By having the winning El Millón raffle code on his EuroMillions ticket, beating out millions of hopefuls!
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$1 Million

US Mega Millions – September 2017
Nataliia’s birthday present came a week early when she won $1 million playing US Mega Millions online on 26 September 2017! Since finding LottoSmile in 2015, Nataliia played all the biggest jackpots in the world with subscriptions to make sure she’d never miss a draw. After working so hard for so long to win, it took some convincing that she’d actually won! Once she realized it was true she could not have been happier!
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$1 Million

US Powerball – October 2016
G. has been playing online with LottoSmile from Australia since 2003. Dogged and determined a player, G. has had 452 wins over the years but nothing close to the $1 million US Powerball second prize he won on 19 October 2016 by choosing all five main numbers correctly. G.’s advice to other lottery players: ‘Never doubt yourself and keep your faith’ Sage wisdom from someone who would know!
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€824 Thousand

Austria Lotto – February 2016
S. lost 3.5 kilos in the 2 days after discovering he had won the Austria Lotto online from Russia. The lucky Muscovite driver had only recently started playing lotteries from outside of Russia online – always with a set of random numbers. Both S. as well as his wife Tatiana are over the moon about their fortune and S. spoke to us at length in Vienna when he picked up the jackpot!
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$1 Million

US Powerball – January 2016
H.V. from El Salvador started playing with LottoSmile when the US Powerball lottery hit the billion-dollar mark. This was a really smart decision because H.V. matched all five main numbers in the 13 January 2016 draw, winning the $1 million second prize!
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British lottery players win $1 million Powerball prize

$1 Million

US Powerball – April 2012
B.U. subscribed to US Powerball and immediately won a MASSIVE second place $1 million prize in 2012! LottoSmile gave B.U a luxurious trip from the UK to Florida to collect his earnings. "I still believe that I will win the top prize and winning $1 million with LottoSmile has been great practice for when I do!"
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We Reached a $100 Million Milestone

As of June 2020, theLotter paid out over $100 million in prizes to over 5.5 million winners!

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$1 Million

US Powerball – February 2016

Like thousands of other Canadians, P from Quebec started playing lottery online with LottoSmile when the US Powerball jackpot hit $1 billion. Luckily for P, he kept playing Powerball after the billion-dollar jackpot fell and won the $1 million second prize on 27 February 2016! We're overjoyed that we could help P achieve his dream of becoming a lottery millionaire!
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€578 Thousand

SuperEnalotto – February 2013

Latvian member A.K. chose to use a systematic form to play Italy SuperStar. A whopping 74 lines out of the 84 he played won prizes, including the amazing second place prize. In total, he won €578,079 in the draw! And that's not all. A.K. also scored a €110,000 prize playing the Spanish La Primitiva lottery, as well as multiple smaller prizes in other lotteries, making 2013 a truly phenomenal year for him!
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€490 Thousand

EuroMillions – October 2013

I.K., a Hungarian Gold VIP won €489,777 in the EuroMillions. He regularly played the three biggest jackpots in the world with his special number choosing methods and in 2013 his strategy paid off with an amazing second prize division win in the EuroMillions!
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$250 Thousand

Mega Millions – April 2012

In 2012 B.G. purchased a multi-draw package that won him the Mega Millions second prize of $250,000 as well as a few more secondary prizes in the same draw!
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$250 Thousand

Mega Millions – May 2011

N.B. from Switzerland won $250,000 via LottoSmile while playing Mega Millions in 2011. “I was extremely impressed… [LottoSmile] provided me with everything I could possibly need and more!”
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€151 Thousand

La Primitiva – July 2016

Christina R. from the Philippines struck gold when she hit it big in Spain's La Primitiva lottery. Christina walked away with a whopping €150,987.68. She called the experience "simple."
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€144 Thousand

EuroMillions – July 2012

G.R., from Russia purchased a Subscription to EuroMillions and learned that Lady Luck was truly on his side when he won the second prize division!
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NZ$176 Thousand

New Zealand Powerball – June 2013

Russian VIP member V.K. not only won a NZ$142,857 second place prize playing New Zealand Powerball, but also scooped up an additional NZ$33,030.34 in secondary prizes. V.K.’s decision to opt for an eight number systematic form resulted in a huge payout!
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$106 Thousand

US Powerball – November 2017

Fifty five of our players from all over the world purchased shares in a 65-line Powerball syndicate. Their tickets won a grand total of $106,300 in prizes, including two 3rd Division prizes of $50,000! Every single line of the syndicate won a prize!
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€76 Thousand

France Loto – July 2015

C.V., a Belgian living in Costa Rica, won €76,000 via LottoSmile while playing France Loto. “My faith in LottoSmile as a very professional and reputable company was definitely confirmed. I won a big sum and the process of transferring the funds went very smoothly.
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9 X €50 Thousand

Lotería de Navidad raffle – December 2019

Nine of our players won €50,000 each after they bought a one-tenth ticket share with the five-digit number 00750, and that number won third prize! The winners were from Austria, Azerbaijan, Germany, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Reunion, U.K., and Ukraine. The winning raffle share was shared around the world!
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$50 Thousand

US Powerball – January 2020

On January 1, 2020, L. O., an Ecuadorian player living in the U.S., matched 4 numbers + PB and won $50,000 in the Powerball lottery. When we called L.O. to report his victory, he confessed something incredible: "I chose the numbers randomly, but many of the numbers that came out were just what I wanted, the ones I had in mind." New Year, New Life!
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$50 Thousand

US Powerball – October 2018

Florian P. from France was surprised to learn that he had won $50,000 in a Powerball draw and explained that it was probably his parents playing in his account from West Africa. "I'm on cloud nine!" he said when the exciting news sunk in.
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$50 Thousand

US Powerball – December 2017

Natalia, a veteran LottoSmile player from Colombia, was shocked to receive a phone call from a customer service representative informing her of her win in the Powerball draw. Although she was one number away from winning the lottery's jackpot, Natalia said she was “happy, very happy” with her third division Powerball prize.
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$50 Thousand

US Powerball – November 2016

S., an engineer from Singapore, won $50,000 playing the Powerball lottery at LottoSmile. "You can imagine something, then maybe your imagination will come true," S. said of his big win.
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$50 Thousand

US Powerball – April 2016

Like so many other avid lottery players E.L. uses a simple strategy for placing his bets. He uses a predetermined set of numbers and always plays them. Well, it finally paid off because he is now $50,000 USD richer and can afford to buy a new car. We’re excited for E.L. on his big winnings.
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€48 Thousand

Italy SuperStar – October 2015

F.M., a Diamond-level VIP player based in the UK, became a lottery superstar when he matched five numbers in the 6 October 2015 Italy SuperStar draw, winning a prize worth €47,748!

€48 Thousand

Italy SuperEnalotto – August 2016

A Belgian Gold-level VIP player won big when he matched five out of six numbers to win the third prize in the 18 August 2016 draw. This lucky winner took home a fantastic €47,578 after playing with LottoSmile for less than a year!
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€37 Thousand

Austria EuroMillions – November 2017

A couple from Luxembourg, Silver-level VIP players for three years, played EuroMillions regularly with multi-draw packages but a switch to the Austrian version resulted in a third division win! Their prize win in the draw was €36,694.30, which was only two Lucky Stars away from winning the jackpot.
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€32 Thousand

Austria Lotto – November 2018

Indian VIP player C.J. managed to snag the Austria Lotto second place prize of €32,161 in November of 2018 after he matched 5 out of the 6 numbers winning numbers drawn! His secret? Let’s just say, it’s a bit random! Encouraged by the win, C.J. wants to tell fellow players “I will continue to play with LottoSmile because it gives me a chance to dream.”
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€25 Thousand

La Primitiva – September 2015

L.M. from Australia won €25,000 via LottoSmile while playing La Primitiva. “I would 100% recommend people to play on LottoSmile, I've introduced a few people and they seem pretty happy!”

€20 Thousand

SuperEnalotto – April 2019

B.C. from Switzerland managed to win €20,000 playing the Italian SuperEnalotto just in time for Easter Sunday and his own bundle of joy! Find out how this father-to-be struck luck with this amazing third-division prize!
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£20 Thousand

UK Lotto – December 2017

N. from Lagos, Nigeria played the UK Lotto online with LottoSmile and automatically received a raffle entry, where he won £20,000! Sometimes all you need is a second chance to be a winner!
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£20 Thousand

UK Lotto – December 2016

Jan from Austria played the UK Lotto online with LottoSmile and celebrated News Year’s Eve with a £20,000 raffle win! Raffle draws guarantee a winner and this time it was Jan’s turn to take the prize!
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AU$25 Thousand

Oz Lotto – July 2018

Twenty two (22) of our players from all over the world purchased shares in a 60-line Oz Lotto syndicate. The fourth line of their ticket matched 6 main numbers and a supplementary number (just one number short of the jackpot!). The syndicate won a prize worth $18,476.14, an impressive Australian lottery prize!
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руб 885 Thousand

Gosloto 6/45 – May 2016

Howard L. is a 38 year-old personal trainer from Australia now basking in the glory of winning 885,377 rubles in the Gosloto 6/45 Russian lottery. He has only been playing lotteries for 6 months, usually playing the multi-draw feature. He plans on sharing his newfound wealth with his family.

R118.685 Thousand

South Africa Daily Lotto – July 2019

Lucky player B.K. from Kuwait played at LottoSmile for just over 2 months before landing an impressive jackpot prize of R118,685.50 (€7,453.45) in a South Africa Daily Lotto draw. What makes this win even more special is that it came just in time for a very special occasion!

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