Latest Ontario 49 Results

Winning Numbers

  • 10123740454814

Prize Breakdown

Lottery Information

Guess Range 6/49
Offered In Canada, Canada
(Local draw time)
Jackpot Type CASH
Tax Requirement Lottery prizes are paid out tax-free. Check the tax laws in your country of residence for any further local taxation you may be subject to.

Winning Odds

Match Winning Odds
6 1:13,983,816
5+1 1:2,330,636
5 1:55,492
4 1:1,033
3 1:57
2+1 1:82
2 1:8

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How to Check Ontario 49 Results on LottoSmile?

After each draw, you will find the official Ontario 49 results listed on LottoSmile. This way, you can check your numbers and find out if you are one of the lucky winners. Remember you only have to guess the six main numbers in the game to win the CAD$20 Lakh prize. The game also features a bonus number, which is required for the 2nd and 6th prize division. Since the fantastic Ontario 49 prizes are tax-free, you simply cannot miss this amazing game! Find out how it is to be a lottery winner!

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How to Get Ontario 49 Results Free Notifications?

On LottoSmile, you can subscribe to receive FREE Ontario 49 results alerts. Click here to sign up for e-mail notifications and find out the winning Ontario 49 numbers after each draw. Stay connected to the world’s biggest lotteries in just a few clicks. You can find out the latest results and the most relevant information about more than 80 lotteries and most importantly, you can play the Ontario 49 lottery directly from your phone.

 Odds of Winning the Ontario 49 Lottery

The Fantastic Odds of Winning the Ontario 49 Lottery

With every draw, players have a 1 in 1,39,83,816 chance of winning the first prize worth CAD20 Lakh. Compared to those Powerball winning odds, these odds should really put things into perspective. With two chances of winning the Ontario 49 lottery per week, this is one game that you simply cannot miss!

 Fantastic Ontario 49 Jackpot

The Fantastic Ontario 49 Jackpot

As opposed to other lotteries that feature a different jackpot every draw, the Ontario 49 lottery offers its players a CAD20 Lakh prize every single draw. The rules of the game are very simple – guess the six main numbers and win CAD20 Lakh, every single time. Its unwavering prize had made the Ontario 49 one of Canada’s top lotteries and also some of the most beloved ones on LottoSmile.