11 Shocking Lottery Winner Statistics

Winning a big lottery like the US Powerball is the ultimate urban fairytale, the best possible version of anybody’s happily ever after, right? Well, judging by the latest lottery winner statistics, there may be a much broader perspective on what life becomes after scooping that jackpot. They say that one man’s blessing is another man’s curse, and it certainly is that way when it comes to the lottery.

We all think that we want to win the lottery, that we would welcome the hundreds of Crores into our bank accounts full-heartedly. But is it quite as easy as it seems? What does come after you win the lottery anyway? We all have pretty fixed ideas about what could happen because we've already been through the scenario in our heads many times.

Lottery Statistics

There is no way we’d mess it up like those people you read about in the newspapers who waste away their lotto fortunes on expensive cars and glitzy parties and then go back to their minimum wage jobs. That could never be us because, clearly, we know better! That sounds pretty familiar, doesn't it?

That’s exactly what every single lottery winner has thought before striking the jackpot. But when your bank account reaches a 9-figure status from one day to another, you are bound to have a reaction. Rest assured that your life will change quite significantly, but maybe not in the way that you would expect.

When I Win the Lottery...

In this section of our article, we are going to tell you about the great expectations of lotto winners. Then, we are going to compare these to the biggest lottery statistics because such expectations rarely come through in real life.

"My marriage won't be affected."

lottery winner marriage

You're probably not wrong, with a promising 95% of our respondents staying married to their husbands or wives after winning. Maybe it's down to becoming super-close after going through probably the most intense and breath-taking experience on the planet, but who knows? Whatever the reason, this heart-warming fact has made us a little bit more optimistic today.

“I won't be any more likely to leave my boyfriend/girlfriend.”

The lottery winner statistics are on your side with this one, with an unbelievable 100% of our sample group staying with their partners after winning. This brings us back some faith in humanity, doesn't it?!

“I will provide for the future generations of my family.”

lottery winner friends

We're going to call you a straight up liar on this one, unless you're one of the thrifty 10% who can keep hold of their money long enough for the third generation to get some. That's right, the statistics say that a big old 90% of lottery winners have spent up by the time their grand-kids come of age, leaving the family fortunes at a big fat zero.

“I'll make the money last a long time.”

A long time - that's a relative concept, right? So, let's just agree on a ball park figure and work from there. Does 5 years sound ok for starters? Well, if you say you would be able to keep at least some of your money past the 5-year mark, you'd probably be right - but not by much. An extravagant 44% of lottery winners have spent all their money within a 5-year period, leaving them with nothing to show for it.

“I'll give some money to my family.”

lottery winner money

According to the latest lottery winner statistics, this one checks out. A whopping 83% of winners gave money to their family, which we think is just lovely. We would hate to think that lottery winners become so selfish that they wouldn't share their luck, and this has just about restored our faith in humanity.

“I'll definitely give some money to my friends.”

While this is clearly the initial intention, the ride to making it actually is a bumpy one. The lottery winners statistics point out quite a surprising twist. Who would you expect to be more sharing and caring, men or women? Which gender would give money to more friends? Well, as it turns out, men give money to three friends on average, while women only share their lotto fortunes with one. Come on ladies, share the wealth!

“It won't change anything between me and my best friend.”

lottery winner money

We are happy to say that you're probably right on this one. An amicable 90% of lottery winners stated that they kept the best friends they had from before their big win. We were impressed with this lottery winner statistic, as well as the previous two, because it seems that money doesn't come between important relationships.

“I'll finally get round to hitting the gym.”

Maybe you would, but a mouth-watering 32% of our respondents actually gained weight. It seems like some finally got round to hitting the best restaurants in town instead. This might not be such a bad thing, as it shows they're making the most of their winnings - and hey, if you can't dodge that salad bar after winning the lottery, what's it good for anyway?

“I'll move to my dream home.”

lottery winner money

Not according to the stats, my friend. Some lottery winners did move into a new house, no doubt with champagne filled jacuzzies and pet lions guarding the property. But a stubborn 62% of the winners stayed exactly where they were. Home is where the heart is, and we salute those winners who had already found that ideal homestead.

“I'll quit my day job - obviously!”

Well this might seem like a sure-fire life choice after winning, and actually the whole point of even playing the lottery, but you may be more likely to keep that job than you think. Lottery winners statistics show that only 52% of the lucky ones actually leave their jobs after winning the lottery. This means that the odds on this are just about even with an eager 48% continuing to set their alarm clock every night. Interesting life choice!

“I'll quit buying lottery tickets.”

Well, maybe you would buck the trend, but you’re a lot more likely to continue buying tickets than not. A bold 68% of lottery winners continue to buy tickets each week, quietly confident that they will hit the jackpot again before long. They even decide to expand their horizons, using the services of a safe online lottery concierge such as LottoSmile to enter the world's biggest draws, while enjoying many other benefits such as joining syndicates, playing with multi-draws, or using systematic forms to boost their odds of hitting it big (again!).

Well there you are, the statistical odds telling you how you’re likely to react after hitting it big. But what do you think? Are you different from the norm, or do you see yourself in these lottery winner statistics? Let us know below!