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Check Your Japan Loto 6 Results

Check Your Japan Loto 6 Results

This Japanese lottery offers a total of 5 prize divisions, and you need to match the six numbers drawn from a pool of 1-43 to become the jackpot winner! You have an incredible 1 in 6,096,454 chance of winning the first prize, and a 1 in 1,016,076 chance to win the second prize by matching 5 of the main numbers and the bonus number. The jackpot starts at 200 million yen (approx. $1.8 million) and has a cap of 600 million yen (around $5.5 million). What’s more, if you play the Japan Loto 6 online and win, you will get the full amount, as this lotto offers its prizes tax-free! See more lottery results online.

How to Receive FREE Japan Lotto 6 Results

How to Receive FREE Japan Loto 6 Results

To receive free Japan Loto 6 online results and alerts, subscribe to our email notifications here. You should also get back to this page to see the numbers extracted in the most recent draws for this Asian lottery, as well as over 50 others available online. On our platform, you can also check the most recent winning numbers for other Japanese lotteries, such as the Japan Loto 7 results.
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 Japan Lotto 6 Lottery Hot & Cold Numbers

Japan Loto 6 Hot & Cold Numbers

LottoSmile’s team has collected the Japan Lotto 6 lottery hot and cold numbers for you! The hot numbers are numbers that get extracted the most frequently during draws, which means that many players come to expect them. The hot numbers in the Japan Loto 6 are 2, 6, 10, 12, 24 and 43. The cold numbers are those that come up the least during lotto draws. Some lotto fans know this and choose them on purpose, hoping that their reappearance is imminent. The Japan 6 cold numbers are 7, 9, 13, 17, 29, and 41. These are the current hot and cold numbers, but they can change with each draw. We update this pare regularly, so come back to check it from time to time!

japan Loto 6 Record Jackpots

Japan Loto 6 Record Jackpots

Remember that the top prize awarded by Loto 6 Japan can only rollover until it reaches 600 million yen and it can only be paid out as a lump sum. With such a small range, the jackpot falls quite often, so your odds of winning are very attractive. Winners will be required to visit the lottery’s office in Tokyo to personally get their prize. The attractive Japanese lottery is both fun and easy to play, so many lotto enthusiasts from all over the world want to submit their tickets for a chance to win the japan Loto 6 prizes.

For more details on the Japan Loto 6, please check out the official Japan Loto 6 site.