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Play Japan Loto 6 Online

Play Japan Loto 6 Online

How to Play Japan Loto 6 Online?

The Japan Loto 6 is an amazing Japanese lottery that you can play online from your home in India! All you need to do is select 6 numbers from a guess range of 1 to 43 and then buy your official Loto 6 ticket. If you guess all 6 numbers rights, you win the jackpot of the Japan Loto 6. The Bonus number helps to determine the winners of the 2nd prize division.

You have a few options when playing Lotto Japan online on LottoSmile, our safe and secure platform. You can play with a standard single entry or go for a Subscription or even a Multi-draw package. With a subscription, your entry will take part in as many successive draws as you like, until you unsubscribe. You will get every 7th ticket free of charge! The Multi-Draw package allows you to choose from 5 to 52 successive draws to play, and it comes with discounts of up to 25%.

play Japan Loto 6 from India

Can I Play Japan Loto 6 from India?

You totally can play Japan Loto 6 from India, by playing on LottoSmile. Not only this, but you can play the other fantastic Japanese lottery such as the Japan Loto 7 or even the great Japan Mini Lotto, as well as many other popular lotteries. When you purchase your lottery tickets online, our local representatives go out and buy them on your behalf.

Once you finish your purchase, you will receive scanned copies of the tickets in your personal account. The scans include unique identification numbers to guarantee your exclusive ownership of the respective entries and the winnings they might bring. For more information on how our platform operates, please check out the How It Works page.

Japan Loto 6 Draws

When Are the Japan Loto 6 Draws?

Japan Loto 6 draws take place twice a week, on Monday and Thursday at 18:30 local time, therefore on Monday and Thursday at 21:30, India time. To make sure you never miss a Lotto Japan draw, you can subscribe to the free alerts service available on You will get an e-mail or SMS notification with the winning numbers straight to your personal account.

If you win any prizes, they will be transferred to your account as soon as the lottery officials deliver them to us. This way you know that any prize, no matter big or small, will be available to you. However, if you are lucky enough to win a life-changing jackpot, you may be required to travel and collect your prize locally. Don’t worry about this process, our team will support you throughout it all and offer you all the advice and guidance you need.

 Win Japan Loto 6

How to Win Japan Loto 6 Prizes?

To win the Loto 6 jackpot you need to match all the six numbers drawn in the 1 to 43 guess range. This Japanese lottery offers a jackpot that starts at 20 Crore yen (approx. $18 Lakh) and has a cap of 60 Crore yen (around $55 Lakh). Aside from the main prize, there are four second-tier prizes.

You will be excited to learn that the Loto 6 prizes are awarded to winners tax-free! Moreover, the main prize falls quite often thanks to the reduced guess range! Check the Loto 6 results page to see if you won any prizes in this cool lotto game. Good luck in the next draw of this exciting Japanese lottery!