Saturday Lotto Australia Online

How to Play the Australian Saturday Lotto Online

How to Play Saturday Lotto Australia Online?

To play Saturday Lotto you need to choose six numbers from a guess range of 1 to 45. By guessing all of them, you will be the winner of the Saturday Lotto jackpot! There are 6 prize categories that you can try to win at this amazing Aussie lottery.

Playing the Australian Saturday Lotto online from India is easy if you choose LottoSmile. You need to set up an account and then pick your lucky numbers manually or opt for the Quick Pick feature. This option generates a series of 6 random numbers for all your tickets.

Can I Buy Saturday Lotto Australia Tickets from India

Can I Buy Saturday Lotto Tickets Online from India?

Yes, you can buy your Australia Saturday Lotto ticket from the comfort of your home with LottoSmile. You can use your favorite device (desktop, tablet, or even phone) to select your numbers and purchase tickets online. Our representatives will only buy tickets from reputed sellers, on your behalf. Afterwards, you will receive scanned copies in your account, just in time for the next draw.

Additionally, using our gameplay options may help you improve your game, reduce costs and increase your chances of winning. For instance, with the Multi-draw you can choose to participate in the next 5, 10, 25 or even 52 Australia Saturday Lotto draws and save up to 25%. On the other hand, bundles come with a built-in discount (up to 25%), allowing you to buy more tickets by combining personal and group entries.

When is the Australian Saturday Lotto Draw

When is the Australian Saturday Lotto Draw?

The Saturday Lotto draw takes place once a week on Saturday evening at 19:45 AEST (14:15 New Delhi time). The official draw is conducted by Tattersall’s and is available in all Australian states and territories. Established in 1972, Australia Saturday Lotto is one of the oldest and most popular Aussie lotteries!

To play the Saturday Lotto on LottoSmile, make sure you set up your entry a few hours in advance of the official draw. Once the draws took place, you can find the results of the Saturday Lotto Australia on our platform. You can also stay updated about upcoming draws, results and winning numbers by subscribing to our Free Alerts service.

What Should I Know About The Australia Saturday Lotto Jackpot

What Should I Know About The Australia Saturday Lotto Jackpot?

The Saturday Lotto has a starting jackpot of AU$50,00,000, with a record jackpot of AU$4,79,00,000 set in April 2008. It is important to remember that unlike the EuroMillions, for example, there is no cap for the Australia Saturday Lotto jackpot. This means the main prize can reach amazing amounts!

To win the Saturday Lotto top prize you need to match all six main numbers. To increase your chances, LottoSmile offers you systematic forms containing more numbers than a standard ticket (instead of six you can opt for 8, 9, 10, and so on until 14 numbers of your choice). To get the full Australian lotto experience, you should know that there are a few other Aussie lotteries you can play online on LottoSmile: you can start the week with the great Australia Monday Lotto, continue with the wonderful Wednesday Lotto or even try your luck at the Australian version of the Powerball!

What Are The Saturday Lotto Australia Prize Divisions

What Are The Saturday Lotto Australia Prize Divisions?

Apart from the jackpot, the Saturday Lotto offers 6 secondary prize divisions. To win the second prize you need to guess 5 of the main numbers. Overall, you have one chance out of 53 to get one of the Saturday Lotto's prizes. 

Around seven times a year, this lottery stages a special Superdraw with a boosted jackpot (between AU$2 Crore and AU$3 Crore). On New Year’s Eve, the Megadraw takes place, which is usually the biggest guaranteed jackpot of the year. The next Megadraw is expected to take place on the last days of December or the very beginning of January. These two events don’t require special tickets, they only offer special prizes! Isn't it great?

What Are the Odds of Winning Saturday Lotto Prizes

What Are the Odds of Winning Saturday Lotto Prizes?

The odds of winning the Saturday Lotto Australia are among the best for any big lottery. You have a 1 in 81,45,060 chance of winning the jackpot! For the second and third division price, players have 1 chance in 6,78,755 or a 1 in 36,689 chance of winning, respectively.

To increase your odds, you should play syndicates on LottoSmile. This feature allows you to buy multiple tickets as a group with other players, and helps you reduce your investment. More tickets mean more chances of winning! In case your syndicate wins, the prize will be shared among the players based on the number of shares each of you bought.

Saturday Lotto News

Exciting Saturday Lotto News ahead!

2023 is an amazing year for the players of the Australia Saturday Lotto: July 10 saw a Special Event which offered $1 Crore! That isn’t all, a Saturday Lotto SuperDraw has already been announced for September 2. It will feature a starting jackpot of $2 Crore. September will also see 2 Special Event Draws on the 9th and on the 30th.

As if this wasn’t enough, a very special Saturday Lotto Megadraw has been announced for ending the year with a boost: on December 30, the starting jackpot will be of no less than $3 Crore!