Play EuroMillions Online

How does EuroMillions work?

How to Play EuroMillions Online?

If you want to play EuroMillions, you have to choose 5 main numbers from a range of 1 to 50 and 2 Lucky Stars from 1 to 12. Guess all 7 numbers correctly and you get the top prize! On LottoSmile, if you don't want to choose your numbers manually, you can always use the Quick Pick option that selects random numbers for you. 

Not only is LottoSmile a secure and safe site for playing international lotteries online, but it also provides you quite a few advantages  and opportunities. What you need to know: LottoSmile does not take any fees on the gains and prizes. If you win a small prize, the full amount will automatically be transferred to your on-site's account. On the other hand, if you win a massive jackpot, you may have to travel in person to get it. Don't worry, we will help you during this procedure so that you can fully enjoy the experience.

Can I Play the Spain EuroMillions from India?

Can I Play Spain EuroMillions from India?

Sure you can! To play EuroMillions online on LottoSmile, all you have to do is choose your numbers on the play form above. After you go through the secured online checkout system and buy your EuroMillions tickets, our local agents will physically buy your official tickets. LottoSmile is safe: after the buy, we scan your tickets and send you a copy to your on-site account, before storing it in a secured location for your peace of mind.

The advantages: you can’t lose your EuroMillions tickets – we take care of that. But what about those stories you hear about people forgetting about their winning ticket until it was too late? Well, no need to worry there either because when you get your EuroMillions tickets on LottoSmile, we send you a message to let you know that you have won. So yes, playing EuroMillions in India is actually pretty easy on LottoSmile!

When are the EuroMillions draws

When Are EuroMillions Draws?

The EuroMillions draws take place every Tuesday and Friday, in Paris at 8:30 PM – 1:00 AM Indian time. There are nine EuroMillions countries in the draw, and some countries, including Spain, offer an extra chance to win prizes with raffles. The EuroMillions raffle draws take place in each organizing country shortly after the EuroMillions lottery draw was held in Paris, their winning code being published at the same time.

You can always check if you won, on our EuroMillions results page. If you want to make sure you have your EuroMillions ticket in time for the draw and never forget to secure it, you can opt for a multi-draw package or for a subscription on LottoSmile. The multi-draw package ensures your participation each consecutive draw until it runs out, unless you activate the automatic renewal feature. It also comes at a discounted price, depending on the number of EuroMillions tickets it contains. Setting up a subscription is another good way to make sure your lucky numbers enter the draw. Bonus: a lottery subscription brings you every 7th ticket free.

What are the EuroMillions Raffles

What are the EuroMillions Raffles?

The EuroMillions lottery offers a few raffles, depending on the country your EuroMillions ticket is purchased from. All EuroMillions lottery tickets purchased in Spain are also entered in a weekly raffle called El Millón (The Million), for instance. It offers a chance to win a cool €10 Lakh prize every Tuesday and Friday evening. A 9-digit alphanumeric raffle code is printed at the bottom of each Spain EuroMillions ticket. The ticket owner whose El Millón raffle code matches the winning one has the chance to become a millionaire.

Aside from the Spanish El Millón, a European Millionaire Maker raffle is held on several occasions throughout the year. Players from all EuroMillions countries can take part in this exciting lottery event that makes 25 brand new millionaires across the European continent, every time! On, you can play the so that you get the full European lottery experience.

The Amazing EuroMillions SuperDraws

How to Play EuroMillions SuperDraws?

Every once in a while, the EuroMillions draws get turbo charged with a guaranteed jackpot of at least €10 Crore. These special draws are called Super Draws, and they are held few times a year, but there is no special rule regarding their frequency. They are usually announced a few weeks before the draw takes place and the same rules as for the regular EuroMillions draws apply. 

Be sure to keep on the lookout for EuroMillions SuperDraws with our free service that keeps you in the loop on the different jackpot sizes, or by checking this page regularly. The last EuroMillions SuperDraw brought €13 Crore to a player from Spain on March 15, 2024!!! It was the second EuroMillions SuperDraw of 2024!

Top EuroMillions Jackpots

How Big Is the EuroMillions Jackpot?

EuroMillions often displays mouth-watering jackpots which attract millions of European and international players. It is important to know though, that this lottery has a cap on its first prize, so the jackpot can rollover up to €25 Crore and when this value is reached, it will remain up for 4 consecutive draws. If after those 4 draws it still didn't make a winner, it will be split between the winners of the second category.

The biggest EuroMillions winner recently scooped €24 Crore on December 8, 2023. This Austrian player struck luck with a EuroMillions Superdraw! The next Super Draw has not been announced yet but we will keep you updated once we know when EuroMillions 2024's first Super Draw will take place.

How to boost Your Odds playing EuroMillions Online

How to boost Your Odds playing EuroMillions Online?

If you want to step up your game, why not play EuroMillions online on LottoSmile with a systematic form? This is a way of using 6 to10 of your lucky numbers in different combinations to ensure that you get a better chance at striking it rich. Just enter your numbers, we calculate all the possible number variations and buy these tickets for you. You can read our ultimate guide to systematic forms to find out how this amazing play option can act as your very own multiplier.

Another popular way to increase your chances when you play EuroMillions online is to join an online lottery syndicate. When you buy a share in a EuroMillions syndicate, you are getting a number of combinations for a lower price. So, you get more bang for your buck by playing with more EuroMillions tickets. It is estimated that 1 in 7 large lottery prizes are won by syndicates.

Find out more information on current syndicates, or, if you want to get the best of both worlds, then bundles are the way to go: you get EuroMillions tickets, as well as shares in a EuroMillions syndicate. All that at an excellent price!

Online EuroMillions Winners

Online EuroMillions Winners

Some of our players have gotten very lucky after buying EuroMillions tickets online. Take I.K. from Hungary, who won a €4,89,777 prize in the EuroMillions in 2013. He had started playing the lottery online just a year earlier, playing the US Powerball, EuroJackpot, and EuroMillions, and was just one number away from winning a €150 Lakh EuroMillions jackpot.

G.R. from Russia also struck gold when he played the EuroMillions online in 2012. Having won 22 times so far, G.R. is no stranger to winning lottery prizes  – however, he no doubt allowed himself to get at least a tiny bit excited after winning €1,44,240. Keep it up, G.R.!

 Latest News About the Spain EuroMillions

Latest News About the Spain EuroMillions 

A new EuroMillions SuperDraw is in the works! On June 7, 2024, the third SuperDraw of the year will offer a starting jackpot of €13 Crore! Get ready and don't miss it!

2024 already brought us 2 fantastic EuroMillions SuperDraws! March 15 saw a starting jackpot of €13 Crore being won right awat by a single player from Spain. The last EuroMillions SuperDraw started on January 26, 2024. It rolled over twice before finally being scooped by two players from Spain and the UK that guessed all the winning numbers (17-30-42-48-50 with the Lucky Stars 04 and 08).