Play US Powerball Online from India

How to play Powerball online

How to play US Powerball online?

All you have to do if you want to enter the draws of the US Powerball lottery online is to select 5 main numbers from 1 to 69 and one Powerball number from 1 to 26. You can choose your numbers manually in the grid above or try the Quick Pick option.

When playing online, you also benefit from several options that improve your chances of winning. You can play with a systematic form which allows you to enter the draw with all possible combinations of 6 to 10 numbers. You can get better odds of winning a US Powerball prize by joining a syndicate as well. To have the best of both worlds, get a bundle package so you can have an individual ticket and a syndicate share.

Can I Play US Powerball from India?

How can I play US Powerball from India?

You can play Powerball legally from home on LottoSmile! Simply create an account and pick your numbers. Our local agents will purchase the official Powerball tickets, on your behalf. You will be able to see a scanned copy with the numbers you have chosen in your account, before the draw takes place. Find out more details about how our service works here.

The US Powerball is arguably one of the most popular American lottery games. Its format got so popular that lotteries from other countries decided to follow it. This way, we have now different versions of Powerball, such as the New Zealand Powerball, the South Africa Powerball and the Aussie version, the Australia Powerball! Take your pick and start playing the most popular lotteries in the World right now!

When Are the US Powerball Draws?

When are the US Powerball draws?

The US Powerball draws take place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 23:00 EST, which means on Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday at 08:30 AM, in India. When playing on LottoSmile you don't have to worry about anything. You can check the US Powerball results soon after the draws took place or you can directly get the winning numbers delivered to you by email or SMS by subscribing to our results alert service.

Want to make sure you never miss a draw? Then, our Multi-Draws are definitely the way to go. They allow you to enter a pre-set number of up to 52 draws, while benefiting of generous discounts of up to 25%. You also have the option of subscribing, getting every 7th ticket free of charge.

Power Play Multiplier

What is the Power Play multiplier?

When you play the Powerball online from India, you also have the option to add an American lottery multiplier to your ticket. Depending on the drawn multiplier number and on the amount of the jackpot, the Power Play can boost the value of secondary prizes by 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 10 times. The 10x multiplier is added to the mix only when the jackpot is lower than $15 Crore. 

The second tier prize is always worth $20,00,000 for Power Play tickets, no matter the value of the multiplier for the respective draw. But, all the lower tier prizes multiply by 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 10 times, depending on the drawn Power Play number. Note that the Power Play option does not apply to the jackpot. You want to understand the value of the Power Play? Imagine the following scenario:

You matched 4 numbers and the Powerball with a 10x multiplier, you can go from a $50,000 prize to $5,00,000. So, what are you waiting for? Check the Power Play box and buy your US Powerball lottery ticket after checking our US Powerball Guide!

Can I Be Sure I Will Get My Prize?

Can I be sure I will get my US Powerball prize on LottoSmile?

Being a leader within the online lottery market, LottoSmile has a well-established reputation as a completely secured service. You can rest assured, our platform is safe and we offer total transparency when it comes to the cost of the US Powerball tickets as well as to the prizes claiming procedure.

When you purchase your US Powerball ticket on LottoSmile, any winnings you get are 100% yours. We make the purchase on your behalf! This means that you are the official owner of the ticket and of the winnings it may generate. When you win, you will receive the full amount of the prize, commission-free. The only amount deducted from your prize refers to the source deducted taxes.

How to Win the US Powerball Jackpot

All about the US Powerball Jackpot

The US Powerball jackpot used to start at $4,00,00,000. This rule was changed due to the crises caused by the global corona virus pandemic. Since April 8, 2020, guaranteed starting jackpot amounts and minimum jackpot increases have been eliminated. However, we have seen minimum jackpot start at $2 Crore. The rules to win the jackpot remain the same: you have to get all five of the main numbers, as well as the Powerball number. Every time there is no jackpot winner, the top prize rolls over to the next draw. If previously, there was a minimum of $1 Crore added to the jackpot, now the top prize is calculated based on game sales and interest rates. No wonder the US Powerball lottery is one of the best lotteries to play and win

The US Powerball jackpot record is $204 Crore, dating from November 2022. This is actually the biggest prize ever offered in the entire lottery world to present moment. Mega Millions tries to follow up, and in August 2023 it offered a whopping $160.2 Crore Jackpot. So far the US Powerball holds the upper hand in the Powerball vs. Mega Millions battle. Not only is the Powerball's record bigger than Mega Millions, but Powerball also has larger prizes in its top 10 list of biggest jackpots ever awarded. 

Latest News about Powerball Lottery

Latest news about the US Powerball

The last jackpot brought a record jackpot of $132.6 Crore to a single ticket holder from Oregon on April 6, 2024. The winning numbers of that drawing were: 22-27-44-52-69 and the number 9 for the Powerball. This Powerball jackpot is the 4th largest ever scooped! The winner Cheng “Charlie” Saephan is a Portland resident.

2022 has made history for the US Powerball; a new WORLD RECORD of the biggest lottery jackpot has been offered on November 7! A single winning ticket from California scooped $204 crore!!!! The winning numbers of that unique draw were: 10-33-41-47-56 and the Powerball 10. The winner came forward on February 14, 2023 to claim this fantastic prize. His name is Edwin Castro. He chose to not share much about himself and only let us know that he is ecstatic about his win! 23 players also guessed all 5 main numbers but not the Powerball number which brought them the second prize of 10 Lakh. One of these even had opted for the Power Play which means he saw his prize double to 20 Lakh!