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Play Germany Lotto Online from India

 How to play Germany Lotto

How to Play Germany Lotto

The German Lotto requires you to select 6 main numbers from a guess range of 1 to 49 and one single additional number, called the Super Number. The bonus number is extracted from a different barrel containing numbers from 0 to 9. The Germany Lotto draws take place bi-weekly, on Wednesdays at 17:00 GMT and Saturdays at 18:00 GMT, which means 22:30 and 11:30 India time.

To make sure you stay updated with the latest draw, either check our Germany Lotto results page, or subscribe to our free alert services to be notified via e-mail or SMS. You also have to options if you want to make sure you don’t miss another Germany Lotto draw, the Multi-Draw or the Subscription. Each comes with significant discounts (every 10th ticket for free and 25% discount, respectively) and they both allow you to play in as many successive draws as you want.

 Can I play Germany Lotto from India

Can I Play Germany Lotto from India?

You certainly can! It is simple and safe to play Germany Lotto online from India by accessing LottoSmile. All you have to do is set up your account and then you can start playing this German lottery, as well as many others. With just a few clicks, you will buy official German lotto tickets without having to leave your home! The fact that many players have won the lottery by playing online on our platform is the proof you need that our platform is safe.

In case you need more reassurance when using an online lottery ticket messenger, take a look at our How it Works page. The most important aspect to keep in mind is that when you purchase your tickets on our platform, our local representatives go out and buy official tickets on your behalf from reputed and authorized retailers. You will then receive scanned copies straight to your personal account. After the purchase, you become the sole owner of those tickets and the winnings they may bring as we never place any commission on your prizes.

 Boost your German Lotto prizes

Boost Your Prizes with German Lotto’s Super Number

What is the purpose of the Super Number and how can you use it to boost your German Lotto prizes? This lottery has a two-tiered prize structure, which means that matching the Super Number can multiply your prizes by 2 to even 10 times!

The Super Number can boost the jackpot, the 3rd, 5th, and 7th prizes, and you can also win a prize for matching only two of the main numbers and the Super Number! This is a very convenient feature which attracts players with the perspective of winning 10 times more than normal! Join in the fun by playing German Lotto online with LottoSmile!

 Germany Lotto Prize Divisions

Germany Lotto Prize Divisions

The German Lottery displays a total of nine prize divisions, jackpot included. The first prize is awarded to players who match the 6 main numbers and the additional Super Number extracted by lottery officials. The jackpot has a starting point of €1,000,000, and it can grow significantly with every rollover when it is not won. There are other lotteries with jackpots that can rollover, such as the Mega Millions or the USA Powerball lottery.

Because there is no jackpot cap in place, the value of the German Lotto can increase to some amazing heights. The current record stands at €45.5 million and it was won back in 2007. Lottery players who guess all the 6 main numbers, without the Super Number, qualify for the second prize, which can get you thousands of thousands, or sometimes even millions!

 Benefits of Playing Germany Lotto online

The Benefits of Playing Germany Lotto Online

When you decide to play Germany Lotto online on LottoSmile, you get a few important perks. Apart from playing from home without spending money on airfare and travel expenses, you also get some odd-improving features that can turn you into a millionaire. The first option you should look into is the systematic form. A systematic form allows you to play more numbers than a standard ticket (8, 9, 10, or 11), thus improving your odds of winning.

Instead of buying tickets on your own, you could join a Germany Lotto syndicate which allows you to play more tickets at a fraction of the cost. You will be sharing the fun and splitting the cost with the other members of your syndicate! Another option is bundle packages which mix personal and group entries, so you will still have one personal entry, along with many shared ones

 Can I Win the Germany Lotto without the Super Number

Can I Win the Germany Lotto without the Super Number?

This lottery offers a total of nine prize divisions, with only five of them requiring the Super Number. So, you have four prizes you can take home without guessing the Super Number. The highest prize which doesn’t require the bonus number is the second one.

What’s more, the German lottery offers one of the most generous second prizes, so if you manage to win it, you could even become a millionaire! Test your luck by purchasing your Germany Lotto tickets online on LottoSmile. With our platform, you can also access some other European lotteries, like the France Loto or the EuroJackpot.

 News about the German Lotto

News about the German Lotto

The Germany Lotto changed the rules in 2013 to adapt them to the addition of the bonus number. The official lottery organization, Deutscher Lotto-und Totoblock (DLTB), completed the set of extracted number with the Super Number, designed to improve prizes and attract more players.

The additional number is extracted from a separate barrel which contains balls that range from 0 to 9. The Super Number influences 5 out of the 9 prize divisions, the jackpot included. The 9th division which only includes 2 main numbers and the Super Number was eventually included after the rule change in 2013.