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 How to play Italy Lotto online?

How to play Italy Lotto online?

Italy Lotto’s rules are pretty straight forward: if you want to play this Italian lotto game, all you have to do is pick 5 lucky numbers ranging from 1 to 90. Whether you fill in the numbers manually or hit the Quick Pick button on top of the play grid is up to you. When playing on LottoSmile, you can fill up to 3 lines at once.

The Italy Lotto has ten regional wheels, named after famous Italian cities, and a national wheel. When buying a ticket in Italy, you can choose on which wheel to bet. Tickets purchased on LottoSmile refer to the Rome wheel. Before June 2009, each regional draw took place in the city whose name it had. Rome was hosting its own wheel and the National draw. But in June 2009, the official operator of this game, Lottomatica consolidated the draws into three locations: Milan, Naples, and Rome. Genoa, Milan, Venice and Turin wheels are located in Milan. Bari, Naples and Palermo wheels are hosted in Naples. Rome is now home for Cagliari and Florence wheelse, besides its own and the National one.

 Can you play Italy Lotto from India?

Can you play Italy Lotto from India?

Yes, of course! You can enter the draws of this Italian lottery game from India or anywhere else in the world using our safe and secured services, LottoSmile. You just pick your numbers and place an order online. We’ll take care of everything else for you! We are here to help you every step of the way!

Before the Italy Lotto draw has taken place, you will see in your account on the site a scanned copy of the ticket we purchased for you. Learn more about our services and how the whole process works here. Keep in mind that you remain the sole owner of the lottery ticket you purchased. What's more: LottoSmile does not take any commission on your winnings!

 When is the Italy Lotto draw?

When is Italy Lotto's draw?

The Italy Lotto draws usually take place three times a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 20:00 (CET) in Italy. This means 23:30 in India. However, this year, the Italian lotto will offer an additional draw on Friday every week between July 7 and December 29. But, you can rest assured that you don’t have to stay up all night to wait for the draw. You can always check the winning numbers on our Italy Lotto results page. You can also benefit from our free of charge notification service if you want to receive the results by SMS or e-mail.

Want to make sure you are not missing any Italy Lotto draw? Besides offering the opportunity to play the Italian online from India, we also offer special services such as the Multi-Draw packages or the Subscriptions. With a Multi-Draw, you get tickets for 5 to 52 draws in advance, while benefiting from a discount of up to 25%. Subscriptions get you a ticket for every single Italy Lotto draw, with every 7th ticket for free!

All about Italy Lotto prizes

What Italy Lotto prizes can you get?

If you are lucky enough to match all 5 numbers (between 1 and 90) of the Italy Lotto draw you enter, you can win the €28 Lakh jackpot! The top prize for this Italian lottery has a fixed value. The odds of hitting it are of 1 in 4,39,49,268. These amazing jackpot winning odds put other Italian lotteries, such as the SuperEnalotto or the MillionDAY in the shade.

Overall, the Italy Lotto offers 4 different prizes. Note that prizes won in the Italian lottery are subject to taxation at source at a rate of 8%. That is not all: the Italy Lotto usually makes around 43 winners per draw, and it offers three draws a week! So, don't you think this lottery is interesting enough to give it a try?