Play Italy MillionDAY Online

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How to Play MillionDAY Online

How to play Italy MillionDAY online?

MillionDAY lotto rules are quite simple: if you want to enter the daily draw of this Italian lottery, you have to pick 5 lucky numbers ranging from 1 to 55. You can choose to fill in the numbers manually or use the Quick Pick feature to have the system generate a random set of numbers for you.

Just like the Italy Lotto, the MillionDAY offers a fixed jackpot. So, every day you stand a chance of scooping €10 Lakh if you match 5 winning numbers on the draw. Becoming a millionnaire is that easy with the famous Italian MillionDAY! 

Can You Play the Italy MillionDAY from India

Can you play Italy MillionDAY from India?

Yes, you can! If you live in India and would like to enter the daily draws of the Italian lottery MillionDay, you are in the right place! LottoSmile is the safe and secured way to play the MillionDAY lotto online. The rules don't change when playing online, and you have the same odds, but instead of travelling abroad, you fill an online form. We then do the rest for you. Learn more about our service here.

Of course, you need a strategy to pick lotto numbers, but one thing you can be sure of: the numbers you have chosen will appear on the ticket our local agent purchases on your behalf! Moreover, when using our services, you are the sole owner of the lottery ticket you paid for! LottoSmile does not take ANY commission on players’ winnings.

When Is the Italy MillionDAY Draw

When are Italy MillionDAY's draws?

MillionDAY Lotto takes place every day at 19:00 (CET) in Italy. This means 22:30, India time. The winning numbers can be checked soon after the draw on our Italy MillionDay results' page. On the other hand, if you wish to have the numbers delivered to you, subscribe to our free notification service and you will receive the results directly by SMS or e-mail.

If you play MillionDay online on LottoSmile, you can also use one of our special services that allow you not to miss any of Italy MillionDAY’s draws! With a Multi-Draw package, for instance, you automatically enter the next 5 to 52 draws and get a discount of up to 25%! You can also suscribe to this lottery, which means that your lucky numbers would have a chance in every single Italy MillionDAY draw. Moreover, subscriptions save you money, as you get every 7th ticket for free!

What Are the MillionDAY Prizes

What are the Italy MillionDAY prizes?

Those who match all 5 numbers win the €10 Lakh jackpot that is on display on a daily basis. The odds of hitting the MillionDAY lotto top prize are of 1 in 34,78,761. These amazing jackpot winning odds put other Italian lotteries, such as the SuperEnalotto in the shade. Indeed, the SuperEnalotto offers a chance in 62,26,14,630 to win the jackpot, but the prizes tend to be bigger also.

The second prize offered by the MillionDAY Italy has a fixed amount of €1,000. You have a 1 in 13,915 chance of matching 4 of the numbers required to win this prize. That is not all: the overall odds of winning a MillionDAY Lotto prize are 1 in 18! Don’t you agree it’s time to give a try to the famous Italian MillionDAY? Good luck!