Play Lotto Texas Extra Online

 Play Lotto Texas Extra! Online

How to Play Lotto Texas Extra?

The Texas Lotto is a fun lotto game you should definitely try: you just need to select 6 numbers from a 1 to 54 guess range. The Lotto Texas Extra version requires you to do the exact same thing, but it comes with something extra, as its name suggests. If you opt for this upgraded version, your non-jackpot winnings can be boosted up to $10,000. This add-on feature would cost an extra dollar if you were to buy it personally from retailers in the United States. When playing online, you will pay slightly more, as a small commission is charged.

You have the option of manually selecting your lucky numbers in the grid above or going for the Quick Pick option which automatically generates random numbers for your ticket. On LottoSmile, you can save your lucky numbers in your account and use them as often as you like. After deciding on your numbers, you are ready to finish your online purchase and have the scanned versions of the tickets sent to your account. Our representatives purchase tickets on your behalf, only from official reputed local retailers.

 Never Miss a Lotto Texas Extra! Draw

When Are the Lotto Texas Extra Draws?

The official Texas Lotto Extra draws take place three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 22:12 PM CST, therefore at 8.45 AM the next day in India. Luckily, you don’t have to wake up this early to check the results, you can simply check the Texas Lotto Extra results online. This way you will immediately know if you won any of the Texan lotto prizes.

If you choose to play the Lotto Texas Extra! online, you can access two different features that allow you to play successive draws. What’s more, both of these features come with great discounts! With the Multi-Draws you get to participate in the next 5, 10, 25 or 52 draws in the Lotto Texas Extra! and you will enjoy discounts of up to 25%. If you purchase a Subscription for this lottery (or any other game available on our platform) your entry will be submitted in every successive draw until you decide to unsubscribe. This feature comes with every 7th ticket free of charge.

How to Win Texas Lotto Extra Online

How to Win Lotto Texas Extra?

If you match the 6 main numbers you scoop the Texas Lotto jackpot which is not affected by the Extra feature. Only the secondary prizes can grow significantly with the Extra! option added to your ticket. When guessing 5 out of the 6 numbers you get the standard second-tier prize + $10,000. For matching only 4 numbers, $100 gets added to your win while for just 3 numbers you will end up with an extra $10.

If you win after playing the regular Lotto Texas or the Extra! version online on LottoSmile, we will send you a notification and your wins will be directly transferred to your account. If you are lucky enough to win the first prize, you may have to collect the prize in person at the Texas Lottery Commission headquarters. You don’t need to worry about the logistics, our team will offer you advice and support throughout the win claiming process!

 Lotto Texas Extra Record Jackpot

What Should You Know About the Lotto Texas Extra jackpot?

The Texan lottery’s jackpot starts at $200,000 and can grow to some impressive heights as it happened on the June 2004 draw. Alfredo Ornelas Barragan scooped an amazing jackpot of $14,5 Crore!

Please remember that although the Extra! feature does not influence the first prize offered by the Lotto Texas lottery it is still a great investment. For just a bit more, you get the chance to increase secondary prizes by up to $10,000. Isn’t it an attractive amount to add to your winnings? Start playing the Texas Lotto Extra for a chance to win a boosted prize!