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Play Lotto Texas Online

How to Play Lotto Texas

How to Play Lotto Texas Online?

Lotto Texas was is the first state lottery available in Texas, and it is super easy to play. To participate in this game, you only have to select six numbers from a guess range of 1 to 54. That’s it! No bonus numbers, Texas Lotto is that simple!

You can manually select your lucky numbers in the grid above and then submit your lotto ticket. However, if you don’t have a set of preferred numbers, go for the Quick Pick option available on LottoSmile. With this feature, you will let everything to fate, as your numbers are automatically generated at random! When your purchase is finished, our agents will physically buy your tickets on your behalf. We then send the scanned versions to your personal account just in time for the draw.

When are the Lotto Texas Draws

When are the Lotto Texas Draws?

The official Lotto Texas draws take place on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 10:12 p.m. CST, which means 9:12 AM the next day in New Delhi, India. But don’t worry! You don’t need to wake up early to find out if you won. You can check online on the Lotto Texas results page to see if you matched any of the winning numbers.

To make sure you don’t miss another Lotto Texas draw, opt for one of our amazing features, each coming with great discounts. If you purchase a Multi-Draw package you get to enter the next 5, 10, 25 or 52 draws and enjoy discounts of up to 25%. The other option is the Subscription which allows you to participate in as many successive draws as you want until you choose to unsubscribe. Buying a Subscription brings you every 7th ticket free!

How to Win Lotto Texas Prizes

How to Win Lotto Texas Prizes?

By matching the six numbers extracted by the lottery officials, you can become the Texas Lotto jackpot winner. In case you only get some of the winning numbers, you can still take home one of the secondary prizes of this Texan lotto game. Regardless of the amount of your winnings, we will always notify you and deliver the money in your personal LottoSmile account in full!

Keep in mind that there is a way for you to increase the second-tier prize divisions when you play Lotto Texas. The lottery offers the Extra! version of its game which can multiply secondary prize divisions by up to $10,000. On LottoSmile you can also buy Lotto Texas Extra! tickets and participate to the next draw for boosted prizes!

All about the Lotto Texas Jackpot

All about the Lotto Texas Jackpot

The Lotto Texas jackpot starts at a decent $50 Lakh, but it grows significantly with each rollover. The lucky jackpot winners appreciate the fact that this lottery doesn’t have a cap on its first prize, which means it can reach some amazing heights.

Even better, the odds of winning the jackpot are great, 1 in 2,58,27,165, while your chances of matching 5 numbers are even more attractive: 1 in 89,678! These odds are amazing, especially when compared to those of US Powerball, where you stand a chance in 29,22,01,338 of scooping the jackpot. 

What is the Lotto Texas Record Jackpot

What is the Lotto Texas Record Jackpot?

An amazing Lotto Texas jackpot worth $14.5 Crore was scooped in June 2004 in El Paso, Texas. Alfredo Ornelas Barragan, the lucky winner of this jackpot, chose the Cash option which brought him $610 Lakh. This is the highest jackpot ever awarded by this Texan lottery and it shows you that rollovers can boost the first prizes to some fantastic amounts!

This is one of the biggest lottery prizes ever won in the state of Texas. It stands on the 9th place in the list of top jackpots ever awarded in the Texas state, being outranked only by Mega Millions jackpots. So, what are you waiting for? Start playing online on LottoSmile for a chance to scoop one of the amazing prizes Lotto Texas offers!