How to Play New Zealand Powerball from India |

Play New Zealand Powerball from India

How to Play New Zealand Powerball

How to Play New Zealand Powerball?

To play the NZ Powerball, you have to select 6 main numbers and 1 Powerball. You can select your main numbers from a guess range of 1-40 and your complementary number Powerball from 1 to 10. Your main goal is to guess all the main numbers and the Powerball as to scoop the grand NZ Powerball jackpot.

As soon as the NZ Powerball results are published, you can check them online on our platform. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our alerts service to get them via email or SMS.

Can I Play NZ Powerball from India

Can I Play NZ Powerball from India?

Yes! Playing the New Zealand Powerball lottery from India is easy on LottoSmile. It only takes a few clicks, and the entire process on LottoSmile India is safe and secure. Once you play on our platform, you get a scan of the ticket that has been purchased on your behalf in your personal account.

This way, you own an official New Zealand Powerball ticket. You should know that, this way, you are the only legal owner of the ticket and you are, therefore, entitled to the entire amount of the winnings that it might generate. You will not have to pay any type of commission or additional fee to us! Find out more about how our service works here.

When are the draws of the New Zealand Powerball

When are the draws of the New Zealand Powerball?

The draws of the New Zealand Powerball lottery take place every Wednesday around 8:20 and every Saturday ar 8. The NZ Powerball is an add-on of the New Zealand Lotto and the draws are broadcasted live on TV1. 

The New Zealand government created the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board to portion lottery funds to various organizations in need of funding. These organizations range from arts and culture to sports and recreatuon. It is amazing to think that playing the NZ Powerball is helping some really good causes! 

The Amazing NZ Powerball Jackpot

The Amazing NZ Powerball Jackpot

The New Zealand Powerball lotto offers an amazing jackpot, every time, that starts at NZ$5 million. To win it, all you have to do is to guess the six main numbers and the Powerball. The first prize gets bigger and bigger every time there is no winner, and the jackpot can continue to grow until it reaches the established cap of NZ$50 Million.

Once it gets to NZ$50 Million, the jackpot must be won. If there is no first prize winner, then the entire fund for the jackpot is passed on to the second prize category and split evenly between the second category winners.So, you stand good chances of winning an impressive prize even if you don't match all the numbers.

How to Boost Your Odds of Winning the NZ Powerball Prizes?

How to Boost Your Odds of Winning the NZ Powerball Prizes?

You want to increase your chances of scooping the big New Zealand Powerball jackpot? On LottoSmile, several options are available. You can, for instance, play systematic forms and go into the game with all the possible combinations of 6 to 10 numbers of your choice, this gives your winning odds a significant boost.

You can also play the New Zealand Powerball online as part of a syndicate. This means that you will have an entire group of tickets into the game. You can purchase as many syndicate shares as you like, and then, if your tickets prove to be winning ones, you will receive your part of the prize. There is yet another option available on our platform that lets you get the best of both worlds: the Bundles. You get an individual ticket and a share in the syndicate, all for a very special price.

NZ Powerball vs the US and the Aussie Powerball

NZ Powerball vs the US and the Aussie Powerball

Like the Australian Powerball, the New Zealand Powerball features a 6+1 gameplay format. The US Powerball is slightly different as it has a 5+1 format. The three games feature different guess ranges for the numbers, which means that they have different odds of winning. The US version is by far the best-known one of them all, as it features the largest prizes in the entire lottery market, but also the toughest odds of them all with a chance in 292,201,338 to win the first prize.

When you buy US Powerball tickets, you know that you are up against some large odds, but you can aim for those huge jackpots. The New Zealand Powerball is clearly worth your time because it offers some very tempting prizes, and all for some very attractive odds! Indeed, you have a chance in 38,383,800 to win the big jackpot at the New Zealand Powerball. This makes it one lottery game you simply cannot afford to miss!