He Came, Played, Won $50,000 in US Powerball, and Stayed!

E.S. arrived at LottoSmile by surfing the internet, and after researching the website, he decided to start playing. Although he only received a few small prizes in the beginning, it took only seven months for E.S. to receive his first big win: a prize of $50,000 awarded by the US Powerball lottery. We talked to our new winner, find out everything he told us here!

We Are Bearers of Good News!

A day after winning in the US Powerball drawing on 8 June 2022, one of LottoSmile’s representatives contacted the winner to congratulate them.
- Hello, am I speaking with E.S.?
- Yes.
- Hi, nice to meet you. I'm calling from LottoSmile to congratulate you on the $50,000 prize you won yesterday playing US Powerball.
- Really?
- Really! What do you have to say to that? Are you excited?
- And so much! Is incredible! I'm very happy!

At LottoSmile, we love to surprise our winners, meet them, and chat with them to see that behind these stories, there are real people who never gave up hope. It fills us with pride to see the dream of so many players who bought their tickets and won come true.

Our Winner

E.S. lives with his wife in Monterrey, Mexico and assured us that she was going to be the first to whom he would tell the good news. "She's going to be so excited!"

E.S. also told us that he has been working for more than six years as an employee in an important food company, has no children, and that he already has plans for his prize: “Pay some debts, go on some little trips, vacation, and see what else can be done. Maybe invest the money.

Does Our Winner Have Any Lucky Numbers?

E.S. confided that he usually plays with random numbers and that he prefers to choose the numbers himself according to the feeling of the moment instead of using the Quick Pick feature. “There are some numbers that I usually repeat, but as there are three lines, it is ultimately random. As there are many numbers, I do not choose any repeatedly. I have no secret.

Winning Powerball ticket

When it comes to choosing a lottery to play, E.S. divides his time between Powerball and Mega Millions and confessed that he prefers these lotteries "because of the large amounts they award and because they are from the United States."

He had once tried the SuperEnalotto, but "since it is not something that is very close to me, American lotteries attract my attention more," he told us.

Our Winners = Our Pride

There are thousands of Latin Americans who play the lottery every day and because of that, there are also many who have won incredible prizes. LottoSmile has a large number of winners from Mexico and other Latin American countries, such as Panama, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador and El Salvador.

Since 2002, LottoSmile has been fortunate enough to award over $100 million in lottery prizes to millions of winning tickets!

We Don't Want You to Just Come...We Want You to Come Back!

Our main goal is to provide our players with a positive and rewarding experience so that they not only decide to try our service but also to stay with us! This is what E.S. told us after we asked her if he will continue playing the lottery online at LottoSmile: “Yes, I have more of a reason now than ever! LottoSmile is so cool!”

Get inspired by the story of our lucky Mexican winner and buy official lottery tickets from any country in the world through LottoSmile’s leading online lottery service. Good luck!