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With more than 37,000 possible prize combinations, and a total prize pool of €84 - €105 Million and even more, the Loteria Nacional raffle draws are not to be missed! This Spanish raffle offers a top prize of €10 Million and amazing odds of winning! Buy more than 4 shares, you even get a 10% discount!

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Can I Play the Loteria Nacional Online?

Of course you can. On LottoSmile, you can purchase official shares for the Loteria Nacional's special draws. The tickets you see on the screen are actually the official shares for the Spanish National Lottery and they are already in our local offices. When you purchase your Loteria Nacional shares online, you immediately become the legal owner of those shares. You will also receive a scan of your shares to the ticket in your account. In only a few clicks you can complete your purchase and play the Loteria Nacional!

How to Play the Loteria Nacional?

Each Loteria Nacional raffle ticket features a five-digit number from 00000 to 99999. For each ticket, there are 10 copies. Then,  each copy has 10 shares. This means that you can buy up to 10 shares for each copy of a ticket. This is the number that will be drawn during the Sorteo Especial of the Spanish National Lottery. To play, all you have to do is choose a number from the ones listed above and you can purchase as many shares as you want for that number. It is one of the best Spanish Raffles

How Playing the Loteria Nacional Can Lead to Extraordinary Things

The special draw of the Loteria Nacional raffle is held once a month, every month, except in July, when there are usually two draws. This fabulous game offers prizes worth up to €105 Million, and there are as many as 37,000 prizes available. Moreover, your odds of winning a prize in the Loteria Nacional are as high as 1 in 3, which definitely makes it worth a try.

If this wasn’t impressive enough, you should also know that every draw is dedicated to a special cause. Part of the proceeds from the Loteria Nacional go to a good cause, such as education, culture, or health. Up until now, these have gone to theaters, libraries, and other cultural buildings, underprivileged Spanish cities, the Red Cross, the San Ildefonso School, whose students sing the winning numbers for each draw.

How Can I Check the Results of the Spanish National Lottery?

After each of the special Loteria Nacional raffle draws, you will be able to check your Spanish raffle results. If the five-digit number you have chosen is drawn, then you are one of the big winners! According to the amount of shares that you have purchased for that ticket, you will find out how much you have won. The more shares you have, the bigger the prize. For instance, if you have bought all the shares for a copy of a ticket that has been drawn for the €1 Million prize, then you will win €100,000.

You should know that on special occasions, this prize can reach up to €15 Million. This huge prize will go to one single ticket, which means that each copy for it will be worth €1.5 Million, and each share for each copy will be worth €150,000. But aside from the first prize, there are many other tempting secondary prizes to be won.

Fun Facts about the Loteria Nacional

The first Spanish raffle ever was held back in December 1973, with the purpose of raising money for various state projects - a tradition kept alive until present day. Throughout the years, the Loteria Nacional has also been called the Modern Lottery. This has actually contributed to the creation of the name for yet another of the famous Spanish Lotteries, the La Primitiva. After the numbers are drawn, the students of the San Ildefonso School sing them, which is already part of Spanish tradition.

The Next Special Spanish Raffle Draw


When will the next draw of the Loteria Nacional take place?

The next Loteria Nacional draw will take place on January 23, 2021. The Sorteo Extraordinario de Enero will award a total of €84 Million in prizes. This draw is dedicated to 17 interlinked global goals meant to “achieve a better and more sustainable future for all set by the United States. These Sustainable Development Goals are thought to be achievable by 2030 and are quite impressive as they include ending hunger in the World, gender equality or a quality education for all for instance.

When was the last extraordinary draw of the Loteria Nacional?

The last Loteria Nacional draw was held on January 16, 2020 and was dedicated to the Royal Tapestry Factory as to celebrate its 300 years of history. The lucky winning numbers were: 62020.

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