Huge Prizes, Great Odds! Spanish Raffles on LottoSmile!

The Spanish raffles are so famous, that almost all lottery fans in the world dream of winning them. These exciting events offer gigantic prize pools, unbeatable odds, and guaranteed prizes, so their popularity is well-earned.

Apart from the super-popular holiday raffles, Loteria de Navidad and Loteria del Nino, there are some others which take place throughout the year, like the epic Loteria Nacional, which is generally organized once a month.

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To understand which lotteries have raffles, how they work, and why you should participate, read our extensive guide on the Spanish raffles. For starters, you should know that raffles only offer a limited number of tickets, each ticket including a unique alphanumeric code. These codes are used to determine the winners, as players can’t choose their own numbers, they are automatically assigned their unique ticket code.

The popular Spanish raffles are always sold out, which guarantees that the jackpot is won in every draw. Not only the jackpot winners benefit from playing Spanish raffles, these events also offer attractive and numerous secondary prizes. When playing the Spanish raffles, you benefit from amazing odds, numerous prize tiers, and a huge prize pool, so what’s not to love? Let’s see how you could become a winner with these special events.

🎅 Loteria de Navidad

This is the annual Christmas lottery in Spain, titled Loteria de Navidad, also known as El Gordo, the fat one, and it is unique in the lottery world. Why is it called El Gordo, you ask? Well, boasting the largest prize pool in the world with a total of €2.52 billion in prizes, and a jackpot of €4 million, earned it this title. Around 98% of adult Spaniards participate in this raffle either by buying tickets or receiving one as a holiday gift.

Loteria de Navidad was launched in 1812 and it has became the event of the year for lottery fans. As the winning raffle codes are extracted from a set of lottery barrels, students from the San Ildefonso School sing the results in front of a live audience. Now you know how this lottery raffle maintained its popularity for the last 200 years!

The odds in the Loteria de Navidad raffle start at 1:6.5 and the odds of winning the first prize are an amazing 1:100,000. To top this off, the minimum prize of €200 prize will be awarded to 9,999 ticket holders. Although it sounds too good to be true, it is all a reality, and you should join in on the fun!

Spanish Raffles

💰 The Lottery Event of the Year

The annual Loteria de Navidad draw is held in the festive Teatro Real de Madrid, the Royal Theatre of Madrid. The drawing is a complex ceremony that lasts a few hours and features two separate drums containing over 100,000 laser-etched wooden balls, a children’s choir from the San Ildefonso school, and a live audience dressed in festive, lottery themed costumes. The whole event is streamed live on Spanish TV.

Be Part of a Winning Tradition

You, too, can experience this great Spanish tradition and possibly add your name to the list of the winners of this historic drawing, play Loteria de Navidad now!

🎄 Loteria del Nino

El Nino is another Spanish raffle which takes the lottery excitement into the next year, as it is held on 6 January. This annual event marks another high point for Spanish lottery enthusiasts, as it offers an enormous €700 million prize pool and a jackpot of €2 million.

The odds of winning this raffle start at 1:3 and reach an amazing 1:100,000 for the jackpot. Moreover, 29,999 tickets are guaranteed to win the minimum prize of €200 per ticket. After submitting your ticket to this amazing lottery event, you can enjoy sharing the excitement with so many happy players from all over the world!

⏱️ A Fascinating Tradition

The Loteria del Nino takes its name from baby Jesus. Nino translates to ‘the little one,’ and the raffle takes place on the day of the Feast of the Three Kings which celebrates the Epiphany. This is also the last day of the Christmas holiday which lasts for twelve days.

The first Loteria del Nino draw was held in 1941 and in 1966 it became part of the Loteria Nacional, which is the home of Spanish favorites Loteria de Navidad and La Primitiva. From 1941 to 1999 draws were held on 5 January, since 2000 the draw date was moved to one day ahead, to 6 January where it still remains today.

Start the New Year Right

If your new year’s resolution is to make your dreams come true, then you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a ticket to the Loteria del Nino!

➕ Loteria Nacional Extra Raffles

Sorteos Extraordinarios or Spanish Loteria Nacional Extra Raffles, are bonus raffles that take place in addition to the Spanish weekly raffle draws, usually once per month. The Loteria Nacional Extra was also launched over 200 years ago during the time when King Carlos III established a lottery in order to obtain revenue for the national treasury. These raffles often celebrate Spanish culture, traditions or institutions. Recently, there were draws that benefited charities, like the Red Cross or the Spanish Cancer Prevention Society.

Sorteo Extraordinario prize categories

🎈Extraordinary Raffles, Over-the-top Excitement!

The Loteria Nacional Extra is source of endless excitement for lottery players. Prize pools for these special events amount to €84, €105, or €140 million! Some draws also offer a Premio Especial, a special prize, of up to €20 million that one lucky share will scoop. Plus, your odds of winning start at 1:3! Yes, that means that every third ticket is a winner. Tempting, right?

There are 37,151 possible winning combinations on every ten-share ticket and the winning odds for the jackpot are an amazing 1:100,000! With the jackpot included, each raffle boasts 14 to 16 prize categories. Many generous prizes and unbelievable odds, it is no surprise that people from all over the world choose to play these amazing Spanish raffles.

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