Philippines Lotto Winner Hits Jackpot Online with LottoSmile

If you didn’t already believe in beginner’s luck, this story of a Qatari man who hit the jackpot playing the Philippines Lotto after only a month on LottoSmile just might convince you. We couldn’t wait to talk to A.I.A. in order to congratulate him on his big win and find out how he made it all happen. Read on to find out all about this jackpot winner's story and what he plans to do with his huge winnings - you might even pick up a few lottery tips!

Beating the odds to win the jackpot

A.I.A. told us that he started playing on LottoSmile in February 2022 after reading about us online. After that, he didn’t have to wait very long because on 5 March 2022 he matched all six numbers to win a Philippines Lotto jackpot of $241,325 - approximately €220k!

He beat the 1 in 5 million odds with these lucky numbers: 11, 18, 33, 34, 36, 39. When we called A.I.A. with the good news he said, “I’m so happy and my wife is so happy too!”

Hear what our winner had to say about the exciting win:

Playing to win

Even though A.I.A. has only been on LottoSmile for a short time, he’s made full use of all the features the site has on offer. A.I.A. has played with subscriptions, multi-draw packages, and syndicate entries. Still, hard as it is to believe, his jackpot win came from a regular ticket.

A good plan for the jackpot money

It’s clear that the money will be put to very good use. When we asked what he planned to do with his winnings, A.I.A. responded, “I will pay my loans and I will support my family.”

But A.I.A. also told us he was nowhere near done with playing the lottery on LottoSmile. His favourite lottery to play has been Germany Lotto and his new lottery dream is to win the Philippines Super Lotto. In fact, he told us that after winning the jackpot he purchased more than 1,000 lines for the Philippines Super Lotto.

A jackpot worth playing for

The Philippines Lotto may not be the most well-known lottery out there, but there’s a reason jackpot winners like A.I.A. like it so much.

philippines flag

Players only have to match six numbers to take the top prize and the lottery has absolutely no jackpot cap. Back in August 2016, this little lottery gave out a prize worth €1.9 million.

That's the joy of playing the lottery online: you can pick and choose games from all around the world! To find the right lottery for you and see if you can join A.I.A. as one of our millions of winners, purchase lottery tickets!