The Best Christmas Spanish Lottery Commercials!

One of the most anticipated moments of the year in Spain is the release of the amazing Spanish Christmas Lottery adverts because they set the ideal mood for Christmas and, moreover, because they remind everybody that the year’s biggest lottery is coming up. While the Loteria de Navidad has a longstanding tradition with its adverts, the ones they have released in the past few years have set a new standard for lottery commercials everywhere. So, watch and be amazed as we give you the fabulous Loteria de Navidad adverts of the past couple of years.

Loteria de Navidad Adverts

Get inspired by the most amazing ads of the Loteria de Navidad and make sure to play this amazing raffle to experience the global excitement it generates! The stories of the last couple of years covered great topics, from luck and humour, to love and loss, and we are sure you will find, at least, a favorite one. Enjoy!

Surprise Spanish Lottery Christmas Advert 2024

The 2024 Loteria de Navidad's commercial has not yet been revealed. Howerver, we won't have to wait too long because the Navidad's add is usually released in November.

“Your greatest luck is having us” - 2023

The Christmas Spanish Lottery Commercial for 2023 used an amazing slogan: “Your greatest luck is having us”. The story focuses on the routine of a young woman, who spends the day working and taking care of family errands, but she has so many things to do that she forgets to buy a share of the Loteria de Navidad for her father. He gets disappointed. The young woman is so sorry to have disappointed her father that she wishes to be alone. However, her wish gets fulfilled and she remains left alone in Madrid, without any civilization left. She comes to realize that the greatest of luck is to have her family and friends close to her.

Watch the video here!

Three stories: An unexpected surprise, Vika and a sheep herder - 2022

For its 2022 Christmas Lottery campaign, the Loteria de Navidad is focusing on three emotional stories that carry the message that the key to the draw is to share good luck.

In the first ad, a man living with his beloved pet discovers a lottery ticket taped to his window with only a name and "Three Orchids" written on the back. He ultimately finds the owner and returns it to them anonymously.

The second story follows Vika, an immigrant working in a factory in Spain. Despite the language barrier, she forms a bond with the section manager, who decides to share a tenth of the ticket.

Lastly, we meet a sheep herder who, upon hearing that his friend is in the hospital, affirms their long-standing tradition of purchasing the Christmas Lottery together. He and his flock make sure that his friend's tenth of the ticket arrives like it does every year.

Watch the video here!

Siri knows everything, but not where the Christmas Lottery will fall - 2021

Today, if you have a question, you can ask Siri or any other voice assistant. You might be looking for the best recipe for a dinner with friends, how to choose a good restaurant or what is the trendy color for this season ... However, even Siri doesn't know where the jackpot will fall!

Watch the video here!

With, more than ever, the desire to distribute luck - 2020

In 2020, the motto of the famous Christmas lottery was "With more than ever the desire to distribute luck". The most famous Spanish draw sent a message of encouragement when the Christmas Lottery was announced, since, despite the global pandemic, the shares of the Loteria de Navidad were put up for sale.

Watch the video here!

“Unidos Por Un Décimo” – 2019

For its 2019 christmas advert, the Loteria de Navidad has created not one, but four amazing short videos. The ad dedicated to the 2019 edition of the Spanish Christmas Lottery includes four different stories brought together by the same motto: united through this festive lotto event.

Different families are presented in this emotional ad, the first being an older man and his daughter-in-law, brought together by a magical lottery ticket they share. Under the same motto “El Sorteo Que Nos Une” (The Draw that Brings Us Together), we also meet a father-daughter duo who share a lovely moment together.

Watch the video here!

The last two stories show the relationship between a patient and her nurse and the story of an entire family gathered around the festive table. The prestigious lottery that has a major impact on Spanish culture created yet another heartfelt ad in celebration of Christmas. Get ready to play Loteria del Navidad, the lotto event that brings all of us closer together!

“ ADIVINOS” – 2019

A summer teaser which promotes the Spanish raffle was released in 2019. The short video titled "ADIVINOS" is only 1 minute long and it’s designed to encourage tourists on holiday in Spain to play this lottery. A few special characters appear in the video, and they are all trying to predict where the Christmas El Gordo will fall.

A mentalist, an astrologist, a futurologist and a tarot card reader are all trying to guess where the amazing jackpot will fall. Are they successful? We’re not going to ruin the surprise, so take the time to watch the short teaser and see what the specialists predict.

“22 otra vez” – 2018

Last year, in 2018, another Christmas ad was released by the Spanish lottery. The video is entitled "22 ortra vez" and it tells the story of Juan, an avid lotto player who gets sick of always winning and not having anyone around to share his happiness with. The advert is directed by Javier Ruiz and it is an emotional way to introduce the year's Loteria de Navidad. 

Watch the video here!

The short film is an homage to the American classic "Groundhog Day", directed by Harold Ramis. We follow Juan, a man who is seen repeatedly winning the Spanish raffle time after time, just as it happened in "Groundhog Day". He eventually become unimpressed with his luck until one day when he meets a young woman at the bar.

She confesses her financial difficulties, especially with paying hospital bills that are due soon, and makes Juan realise that luck brings happiness only when shared. He offers to split his winnings with her, all to the woman's surprise! The moral of the story is that money only bring happiness when you have someone to share it with, and Juan takes this lesson to heart!

“La Mirada de Daniel” – 2017

For its 2017 advert, the Loteria de Navidad has brought on one of Spain’s finest directors, Oscar winner Alejandro Amenábar. The Spanish Christmas Lottery commercial of 2017 is a fairytale in the true sense of the word. It tells the story of Danielle, an alien who come to Earth, takes on human form and begins to explore the human culture in Madrid. She gets a canine companion and goes into the city, where she finds herself standing in line for tickets for the Loteria de Navidad.

It is here where she meets Daniel, a young man who tries to help her, as he believes that she is a foreigner who does not speak Spanish. While the alien did not know how to communicate at all, she repeats what she is told and thus gets the name Danielle. Daniel is overwhelmed with Danielle’s beauty and completely enchanted by her innocence, so he tries to spend more time with her.

Watch the video here!

Thus, he ends up taking Danielle in and helping her around the city. The connection between them is undeniable, so they get closer and closer, until one day, when Danielle gets lost. She goes back to the place where she landed on Earth, but then decides that Daniel is worth staying for, so she returns to find him. Meanwhile, Daniel finds out that his ticket for the Loteria del Navidad was a winning one, and while he is very happy about his prize, it all seems incomplete without Danielle. To find out if they get reunited, watch this stunning advert for 2017’s El Gordo!

“December 21st” – 2016

“December 21st” tells the story of Carmina, a retired teacher from a small town in Spain. After making breakfast for her nephew, she sees the Loteria de Navidad on television and she immediately takes out her ticket and says “The lottery? Now? I don’t even know what day it is.”. After the children from the San Ildefonso school sing the very number on her ticket, Carmina is overwhelmed with joy because she is convinced that she has won the lottery! She immediately runs off to tell her friends and celebrate her fabulous win with them.

As she leaves the room, her nephew continues to watch the TV program and it turns out that the entire material was just a news recap of the Loteria de Navidad from the previous year, as the date was December 21st. Carmina’s son walks in and the nephew tells him that she thinks she’s won the lottery. When he sees his mother so happy, though, he decides to let her enjoy the moment a little bit longer.

Watch the video here!

However, the entire situation snowballs towards an enormous town-wide movement to keep Carmina believing that it is December 22, and that she really has won the lottery. Everybody in town is in on the plan and the effect is simply astounding. Then, as the entire town gathers in the lighthouse to celebrate Carmina, her son decides that it is time to tell her the truth. To find out how this adorable short film ends, watch “December 21st” and you will get into that Christmas spirit regardless of the weather outside.

“Justino” – 2015

2015’s Spanish Christmas Lottery advert was definitely one for the books. “Justino” was named the year’s best Christmas ad and it has even received a Cannes Lions Cyber Grand Prix. This 4-minute animated short film tells the story of a night-guard named Justino, who works at a mannequin factory. Since he spends his nights among the mannequins, Justino gets to use them to make special surprises for his colleagues who work during the day.

You will get to meet the members of the team in the mannequin company as they enjoy the gestures made by Justino. The biggest of his surprises is the one he prepares for Christmas, when he makes them a very special Christmas tree. As Justino rides the bus to work the next day, he reads in the local newspaper that the mannequin factory has won the El Gordo, the grand prize of the Loteria de Navidad. This is when he realizes that he forgot to put in his share for the factory syndicate.

Watch the video here!

While still sad that he missed the Loteria de Navidad, Justino goes in prepared for yet another day at work. However, this is when he gets a special surprise of his very own. Watch the ending of this enchanting advert to find out what Justino gets for Christmas.

“Antonio’s Bar” – 2014

This Spanish Christmas Lottery advert may seem like a prequel to Justino, as if follows a similar storyline. It starts with Manuel looking out the window and trying to keep his tears back. Then, his wife comes in to tell him that he has to go out to the bar and send out his congratulations to his friends.

We then find out that Manuel was sad at the beginning as he had forgotten to buy a ticket for the Loteria de Navidad. Fortunately for his friends, the bar syndicate wins the El Gordo in the Spanish Christmas Lottery, but unfortunately for Manuel, he is not part of it.

Watch the video here!

Still saddened by his misfortune, he goes to the bar and congratulates his friends over at Antonio’s Bar on their fantastic holiday win. He hugs Antonio with all of his heart, and he decides to stay for a cup of coffee, as the people celebrate their win. That’s when Antonio gives him a very special side order to his coffee. Watch this lovely Christmas ad to get into the proper holiday spirit.

“Pon tus suenos a jugar” – 2013

In 2013, the Spanish Christmas Lottery advert was meant to warm up audiences through music. For this one, Monserrat Caballé, Marta Sánchez, Raphael, Niña Pastori and David Bustamante came together to sing “Pon tus suenos a jugar”, a very special song about the Loteria de Navidad.

So, watch the grandiose video for this enchanting song, which manages to relay the heart and soul of the Loteria de Navidad. “Pon tus suenos a jugar” is the perfect musical representation of the joy surrounding the Spanish Christmas Lottery. Enjoy!

Watch the video here!

“La Fabrica de Suenos II” – 2012

This is one of the most impressive Spanish Christmas Lottery adverts in the entire series because it relays this magical lottery from a fantasy standpoint. The soundtrack for this fabulous ad is one of the best-known songs to ever be composed for a fantasy film, Danny Elfman’s “Ice Dance” from the official score to Tim Burton’s “Edward Scissorhands”.

Watch the video here!

So, enjoy the magic of the Loteria de Navidad in this epic advert. Let your imagination roam free and remember that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to this special Spanish lottery. Be part of the game and you will do wonders.

“La Fabrica de Suenos” – 2011

The 2011 Spanish Christmas Lottery advert is the first glimpse that players have gotten into the magical world behind the Loteria de Navidad. When you buy your tickets for the game, remember that they came from the Dream Factory and let the fantastic charm of the game fuel your enthusiasm for this special draw.

Watch the video here!

Loteria de Navidad Advert - 2010

The Loteria de Navidad is the stuff of fairytales, as it has granted people from all over the world the possibility to make their wildest dreams come true. So, watch your favorite characters like Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Puss in Boots, Captain Hook and Peter Pan, as they get to meet the most enchanted character of all, Lady Luck.

Watch the video here!

We hope that these fantastic Spanish Christmas Lottery commercials have gotten you into the holiday spirit and that they have inspired you to see all the magic of this amazing world! So, buy your tickets for the Loteria de Navidad and you will become a part of this truly enchanting game! May Lady Luck be on your side this year...