Play the Loteria de Navidad – Spanish Christmas Lottery 2024

The following Loteria de Navidad draw will be held on December 22, 2024. Tickets are now available for purchase on Play the Spanish Christmas Lottery on December 22 for a chance to win amazing jackpots! To enter the raffle, all you have to do is choose one or several shares with a five-digit number from the official list. Play the Christmas raffle to win a share of the record-breaking €252 Crore prize pool!

Available Shares Quantity of Shares
Payment Details
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Lotería de Navidad Prize Breakdown

Divisions Number of Prizes Payout per Share
1st Prize 1 € 400,000.00
2nd Prize 1 € 125,000.00
3rd Prize 1 € 50,000.00
4th Prize 2 € 20,000.00
5th Prize 8 € 6,000.00
6th Prize 1794 € 100.00
The numbers that are +1 larger or -1 smaller than first prize 2 € 2,000.00
The numbers that are +1 larger or -1 smaller than second prize 2 € 1,250.00
The numbers that are +1 larger or -1 smaller than third prize 2 € 960.00
Codes with the 1st 3 digits that match the 1st prize 99 € 100.00
Codes with the 1st 3 digits that match the 2nd prize 99 € 100.00
Codes with the 1st 3 digits that match the 3rd prize 99 € 100.00
Codes with the 1st 3 digits that match the 4th prize 198 € 100.00
Codes with the last 2 digits that match the 1st prize 999 € 100.00
Codes with the last 2 digits that match the 2nd prize 999 € 100.00
Codes with the last 2 digits that match the 3rd prize 999 € 100.00
Same last digit as the first prize 9999 € 20.00

8 Quick Facts About the Loteria de Navidad

  • The Spanish Christmas Lottery offers the largest prize pool in the entire lottery market, worth a whopping €252 crore in 2023!

  • There are 1,00,000 available raffle numbers, each of them featuring a 5-digit code from 00000 to 99999.

  • Each ticket has a total of 10 shares available for purchase.

  • Players have a 1:1,00,000 chance of winning a portion of the €40 lakh jackpot.

  • There are 180 jackpot winning tickets

  • Players have an incredible 1:10 of winning Loteria de Navidad's last prize.

Can I Play the Spanish Christmas Lottery Online from India?

Yes, you can, on LottoSmile. When you purchase your shares in the Spanish Christmas Lottery online, you become the official owner of those shares of the ticket. You can see the scanned copies of the tickets on the play page and you will also receive the scan via e-mail in your official account. As such, you are the only official owner of the winnings that your ticket may generate. Also, on our platform, you can play some other of Spain's favorites, such as La Primitiva or El Nino.

How Can I Be Sure I Will Receive My Loteria de Navidad Prize?

When playing the Spanish Christmas Lottery online on LottoSmile, you are the sole official owner of your raffle tickets shares. As such, you will receive the entire amount you have won, without having to pay any additional taxes to us. You can check the Loteria de Navidad results on our website, but you will be notified if you are one of the winners and then we will guide you through every step of the prize collection process. Playing the Spanish Raffles has never been so easy!

The Commercials for the Loteria de Navidad

Every year the Loteria de Navidad has a very special commercial for the Christmas raffle. These are short films about Spanish people playing El Gordo. The 2015 ad, “Justino”, was a spectacular 3.5-minute-long animation film that got 2 million views on YouTube in the first two days after it was released. It featured a heartwarming story about selflessness and friendship that relayed the immense value of the Loteria de Navidad tradition.

The 2016 commercial was a 5-minute short film featuring a moving story about an old lady who is convinced that she has won El Gordo and shares her joy with the entire town. The release of the year’s official commercial for the Loteria de Navidad is an event in itself precisely because of the immense popularity that these amazing ads have gained over the years. On our platform, you can find our more about the best Spanish Christmas Lottery adverts of all time. 

Fun Facts about the Loteria de Navidad

  • Almost 98% of the adult population of Spain plays the Loteria de Navidad making it a beloved Spanish tradition.

  • The Loteria de Navidad is known in Spain as “El Gordo” (The Fat One) because of its enormous prize pools.

  • The first ever Spanish Christmas Lottery was conducted in 1812, which makes it one of the oldest lotteries in the entire world.

  • Since the currency for the prizes of the Loteria de Navidad were changed from pesetas to euros, the entire duration of the results ceremony was reduced. This happened because it takes less time to sing the word “euro” than the word “pesetas”.

The Spanish Christmas Lottery

Every year, the Spanish Christmas Lottery creates a very special template for the tickets. To honor Spains vast cultural heritage, Loteria de Navidad tickets include a digital print of the greatest paintings in Spanish history

On Loteria de Navidad's 2023 tickets, you could appreciate the famous painting "La Natividad". It was created around 1470 by Master of Sopetrán, an anonymous Hispano-Flemish artist. The artist owes its name to the four tables of an altarpiece from the Benedictine monastery of Santa María de Sopetrán (Guadalajara).

On 2022's tickets, you could admire "La Virgen con el Niño en la Gloria" (The Virgin and Child in Glory). It is attributed to Carlo Maratta and is a true masterpiece of its time (Ca. 1680). Carlo Maratti was the most important painter in Roman art circles during the second half of the seventeenth century. His work was commissioned by popes and influential aristocratic families.

On the 2021 tickets you could see a print of "The Virgin of the Pomegranate", by the internationally renowned Fra Angelico. This painting was acquired by the Museo del Prado in 2016, and was said to be in an excellent state of conservation. The Virgin of the Pomegranate is part of a series of Virgin & Child compositions painted in the 1420's by Fra Angelico. It truly reveals the mastery of anatomy, light and space of this amazing artist.

The Loteria de Navidad is more than a simple lottery in Spain because it is already part of Spanish tradition. As such, every small detail that goes into organizing this marvelous yearly draw is made to pay tribute to all the amazing things about this wonderful country. To get the full Spanish lotto experience, try your luck by playing the Spanish Loteria Nacional, as well! 

Check your Spanish Christmas Lottery results for the long-awaited December 22nd draw!