Best Brazilian Lottery Guide 

Our extensive Brazilian lottery guide is the resource you need! Each Brazilian lottery has its own specific traits that makes it unique, so take the time to check out the rules, jackpot-winning odds, and details about each of them. Jackpots may not be as large as the US Powerball for instance, but that doesn't mean that Brazilian lotteries aren't amazing!

Firstly, determine which aspect is most important to you: huge jackpots, easy wins or exciting play formats; and then take the time to read about all the Brazilian lotteries.

1. Brazil lotto with biggest jackpots

6. The Brazil Quina

2. Brazilian lottery easiest to win

7. The Brazil Dupla Sena

3. Taxes on Brazilian lotteries

8. The Brazil Dia De Sorte

4. Brazilian lotteries SuperDraws

9.The Brazil Lotofacil

5. The Brazil Mega Sena

Which Brazilian lottery offers the biggest jackpots?

With a record jackpot of R$30.6 Crore, Mega Sena is certainly top of the list. This Brazilian lottery is famous for its end-of-year event Mega da Virada. The New Year’s Even special draw is also responsible for most of the top prizes awarded by the Mega Sena lottery.

Which Brazilian Lottery is the Easiest to Win?

The undisputed Brazilian champion for this is Lotofácil. If you are looking for an easy-win, Brazil Lotofacil offers you three times a week a chance in 32.26 Crore to hit the jackpot. It might seem like much, but it really isn't! 

All lotto players have their eyes on the biggest jackpots, but it is important to look at the odds as well. Generally, the major lotteries that offer record jackpot also offer some hard-to-beat odds. It could pay off to go for smaller lotteries which offer you more chances of scoring prizes fast.

Check out the table below to see how the amazing Lotofácil odds compare to those offered by the rest of the Brazilian lotteries.

Lottery Match Jackpot Odds

Mega Sena



Dia De Sorte

7/31 + PB 1/12





Dupla Sena






How Are Brazilian Lottery Prizes Taxed?

Brazilian lottery prizes are technically taxed at a 13.8% tax rate, but the amount published ahead of the draw is exactly what you will get when you win the jackpot. Caixa Econômica Federal, Brazil’s official government-owned lottery operator, always announces the prize amounts after taxes have been deducted, so you’ll receive the whole amount you played for! Doesn't that sound amazing?

Which Brazilian Lottery Offers Interesting SuperDraws?

Almost all of them! Mega Sena holds the famous Mega da Virada on December 31st. Quina celebrates the Festival of St. John on June 24th with an impressive jackpot of R$14 Crore through its Quina de Sao Joao SuperDraw. The Dupla Sena lottery hosts Dupla de Páscoa to celebrate Easter, offering a R$2.5 Crore jackpot.

In September, you can enter another special draw - Lotofácil da Independência organized by the Lotofácil lottery to celebrate Brazil’s Independence Day.

Brazil Mega Sena

The Brazil Mega Sena

If you were wondering which Brazilian lottery is the best, the most common answer would be Mega Sena, and rightfully so! Mega Sena is the most rewarding Brazilian lottery thanks to its unique game format and impressive prizes.

This lottery was launched in 1996 and since then it has become the most popular lotto game in Brazil. It features a special drawing system: the 6 winning numbers are extracted from two barrels and they are picked in pairs. This results in 2 digit decimal numbers selected from a guess range of 01 to 60. The first barrel includes numbers from 0 to 5, while the second has balls ranging from 0 to 9.

Each of the winning numbers are obtained by picking a number from the first set and then one from the second set, resulting in six two-digit numbers.
Now, you should know that 46% of the revenue generated from Mega Sena ticket sales go to the winners, with 35% of the total prize fund going solely towards the jackpot. The remaining 54% of the revenues left are used for administration and other draw-related expenses. Any excess money is forwarded towards educational and socio-economical programs in Brazil.

How many prizes does Mega Sena offer?

The Mega Sena awards 3 prizes: the jackpot if you match all 6 main numbers, a second prize if you match 5 numbers, and third prize that you obtain if you match 4 numbers.

When are the Mega Sena draws held?

Mega Sena draws are staged on Wednesday and Saturday at 20:00, local time.

Mega Da Virada

The Brazilians are famous for their celebrations. New Year's Eve is not different. On this occasion, Mega Sena holds a special festive draw, known as Mega Da Virada. This event offers a boosted jackpot and it takes place every year on December 31st. The record first prize was set in 2017, when the Superdraw jackpot reached a staggering R$30.6 Crore (US$5.9 Crore) after a few rollovers! The year 2019 brought the second biggest jackpot on the list : R$30.4 Crore. This is why the Mega Da Virada attracts millions of players from all around the world!

Top 10 Mega Sena Jackpots Ever

Mega Sena’s jackpots are the highest offered by any lottery in Brazil, with 9 of the top 10 coming from the boosted Mega da Virada Superdraw. As the event got more international popularity, the prizes increased significantly throughout the years.

Date Jackpot

31 December 2020

R$32.5 Crore

31 December 2017

R$30.67 Crore

31 December 2019

R$30.4 Crore

31 December 2018

R$30.25 Crore

11 May 2019

R$28.9 Crore

31 December 2014

R$26.3 Crore

31 December 2015

R$24.6 Crore

30 December 2012

R$24.48 Crore

31 December 2013

R$22.47 Crore

30 December 2010

R$19.4 Crore

31 December 2011

R$17.76 Crore

31 December 2009

R$14.5 Crore

brazil Quina

The Brazil Quina

Brazil Quina was launched by Caixa Econômica Federal in 1994 and it is the first Brazilian lottery to let players pick their own numbers instead of going for a raffle system. The jackpot starts at R$6,00,000 (approx. US$11.58) and it often reaches tens of crores until it is won.

The guess range in this lottery is from 1 to 80 and players are required to choose 5 numbers. The odds are quite low in comparison to other Brazilian lotteries, standing at 1:2,40,40,016, but with a record jackpot of R$1.75 Crore (US$33.8 Lakh), this lottery is worth your time!

When are the Brazil Quina draws held?

Quinta draws take place every Monday through Saturday at 20:00, local time. It's almost a daily lottery...

How many Brazil Quina prizes are there?

Brazil Quina offers the jackpot (Match 5) and 3 secondary prizes you get for matching 4, 3, or 2 winning numbers.

Quina de Sao Joao Superdraw

This Brazilian Superdraw gets its name from the Festa de São João (Festival of St John in Portuguese), which takes place on the 24th of June in celebration of the birth of John the Baptist. For this special occasion, the Brazilian Quina offers a boosted jackpot of R$14 Crore. Unlike the normal Quina draws, the jackpot of the São João rolls down to the second prize division if nobody matches all the numbers.

The rules for participating in this festive draw are the same as those for playing in a normal Quina draw. You just need to select 5 numbers from a guess range of 1 to 80 in order to participate.

The Other Brazilian Lotteries

For the moment, due to logistic reasons, we are not offering the following Brazilian lotteries. However, they might become available soon on our platform, and we believe you should know all about them. This is why we decided to present them to you on our full Brazil Lottery Guide.

brazil Dupla Sena

The Brazil Dupla Sena

Dupla Sena is the second-biggest lottery in Brazil. The game was organized by Caixa Econômica Federal shortly after the remarkable success of Mega Sena and its first draw took place in 2001. Dupla Sena jackpots start at R$1,50,000 and they can grow up to millions before being won.

This lottery is also unique in its game format. Just like the Mega Sena, it selects 2 sets of numbers at every draw, but it offers an additional feature: each ticket is automatically entered in two consecutive draws, doubling the players’ chances of winning.

As there is no cap on the jackpot, the first prize can reach millions! The guess range is of 1 to 50 and players must choose 6 numbers before submitting their ticket.

When are the Dupla Sena draws held?

Dupla Sena draws are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 20:00, local time.

How many Dupla Sena prizes are there?

Dupla Sena offers the jackpot (Match 6) and 3 secondary prizes you win by matching 5, 4, or 3 of the winning numbers.

The Dupla de Páscoa

The Dupla Sena lottery celebrates Easter by staging a festive Superdraw with a boosted jackpot worth R$2.5 Crore (around US$48.3 Lakh). The draw takes place on the Saturday, just before Easter Sunday. This Superdraw is played exactly like a standard Dupla Sena draw, with the only difference being that the jackpot winners will take home 46% of the boosted prize funds instead of the regular 30%. Dupla Sena is not the only lottery to celebrate Easter! Italy’s SuperEnalotto also offers an Easter raffle alongside their regular draw. In 2019, it offered prizes of €1,00,000 to 100 players!

brazil dia de sorte

The Brazil Dia De Sorte

If you are a fan of playing with lucky numbers, Dia De Sorte may become your new favourite South American lottery! It was launched in May 2018, and it accumulated a loyal fan base thanks to its unique game play format. When you play Dia De Sorte (which translates as “Lucky Day), all the number selections are represented by the number of days in a month, days of the week and months in a year. Players are encouraged to pick their numbers based on special dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries or commemorations. What’s more, the winning bonus number is announced as “the lucky month”, so when 1 gets picked, it's announced as January.

To participate in this lottery, you need to select 7 numbers (yes, representing the days of the week), from a range of 1 to 31 (you guessed it, days in a month) and a bonus number from 1 to 12 (months in a year).

When does Dia De Sorte holds the draws?

Dia De Sorte draws are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 20:00, local time.

How many prizes can you win with Dia De Sorte?

Prize Match

Prize 1


Prize 2


Prize 3


Prize 4


Prize 5


Prize 6


Prize 7


Prize 8


Prize 9


brazil Lotofácil

The Brazil Lotofácil

If you are looking for an easy win, Lotofácil is the perfect lottery for you! This unique lottery has one of the lowest guess ranges of just 25! Ready for more good news? You have to select a staggering 15 numbers from that incredibly small range!

Matching all the 15 numbers gets you the jackpot which has reached its record value at an enormous R$75 Lakh (US$14.5 Lakh) in April 2018. Take the time to periodically look at our updated Lotofácil results page.

When are the Brazil Lotofácil draws held?

Brazil Lotofácil draws are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 20:00, local time.

How many prizes can you win with Brazil Lotofácil?

This lottery offers a total of 5 prizes. Matching all the 15 numbers gets you the jackpot, the second prize is won with 14 correct numbers and the third prize is won with 13 correct numbers. People who match 12 or 11 numbers, get the fourth and fifth prize, respectively.

The Lotofácil da Independência

Lotofácil stages a special annual Superdraw every September to celebrate Brazil's Independence Day. The Lotofácil da Independência comes with a boosted jackpot reaching R$8 Crore -R$9 Crore and it pays no less than 80% of the prize funds to the jackpot winners, while the rest goes to the second division winners. In the 8 September 2018 draw, a jaw-dropping R$917 Lakh jackpot was up for grabs!

So, did You Find the Perfect Brazilian Lottery to Play?

Brazilian lotteries provide a unique experience and some of the largest jackpots in Latin America. Which one of our Brazilian lotteries have you tried? Let us know below and good luck!