Top 6 Life-Changing Lottery Wins

There are times in life when it seems that you need a miracle to get out of a complicated situation. This was the case of most of the people we chose to tell you about in this article. After life put them up for quite the challenge, they were lucky enough to get their miracle in the form of a big lottery win (such as a big US Powerball jackpot).

Their stories will help you remember that even in the worst of situations, having a sparkle of hope could be enough to ignite a roaring flame of good luck and that you can win even the biggest lotteries like the Mega Millions if you believe. So, which are those life-changing lottery win stories? Learn more here...

1. The Bill Morgan Story

Bill's story is certainly one for the lottery books. 37-year old truck driver Bill Morgan stared death in the face when he got into a massive car accident. Bill was clinically deceased for 14 minutes before the doctors managed to get his heart started again! Unfortunately, this put him into a deep coma that his doctors did not expect him to recover from. In fact, they had recommended that he be taken off life support twice before he surprisingly woke up.

He had been in a coma for 12 days, but when he woke up, he was completely fine, in spite of the overwhelming possibility of brain damage due to the extended time of his clinical death. After his near-death experience, Bill decided to make some drastic changes in his life. He gave up driving trucks and proposed to his long-term girlfriend.

Bill was so thrilled when she accepted that he decided to buy a scratch-off ticket. Much to his surprise, he won a car worth AU$17,000! However, this is not enough to add Bill first in our top of the most amazing life-changing lottery wins: given his impressive story, the local Melbourne news decided to do a feature on him, as his story could be part of any TV show about lottery wins!

They wanted to do a small reenactment of the moment when Bill’s winning scratch, so he got another ticket. While the reporters were aiming for footage of a man who finds out he had won a car, they got an entirely different thing, as the ticket for the short clip was worth a whopping AU$2,50,000

I just won AU$2,50,000. I’m not joking!”, Bill told the reporters. Then he called his fiancée to tell her that they would now be able to buy a house. Bill’s tremendous double win gave him and his partner the boost they needed for a massive new start in life. If that's the definition of being lucky, we don't know what is...

2. The Juan Rodriguez Story

Juan Rodriguez’s life was not on the right track back in 2004 when he filed for bankruptcy. He only had 75 cents in his bank account and a $50 bill. He decided to invest it all in tickets for the New York Lottery. This was probably the best decision he had ever made in his life because this made all of his financial problems disappear, as if by magic.

Juan won a whopping $14.5 Crore which helped him turn his entire life around. To add to his huge stroke of luck, his bankruptcy claim was resolved on the same day of the lucky lottery draw. Ironically, as per financial laws, he was absolved of all his debts to various creditors, which amounted to approximately $45,000.

"Today he's going to start living the rest of his dream as the richest man in New York Lottery history", said New York Lottery director Nancy Palumbo in a press conference after the draw. Talk about life-changing lottery wins! It only took guessing six lucky numbers for Juan Rodriguez’ life was changed entirely. If you want to try it for yourself, explore your lottery options on LottoSmile.

3. The Marie Holmes Story

Marie Holmes had a very challenging life as she had to provide for her 4 children. The single mother worked impressive hours and struggled tremendously for years to make ends meet, but she kept a solid habit out of playing the US Powerball lottery. It seems that her hope for a better life fueled an unexpected windfall, as she won a huge jackpot worth $18.8 Crore in 2015.

After her seemingly endless struggle, Marie got the chance to provide a plentiful life not only for her children, but for her entire family. In fact, setting up college funds for all of her young family members was her most important plan for her lottery money.

Marie also decided to donate a generous amount of money to her local church because she wanted to use her lottery win to improve the lives of others in need as well. Her story is proof that aspiring to a better future and investing time in this could actually help turn things around.She definitely deserves this spot in our life-changing lottery wins list.

4. The Joe Palmarchuck Story

Joe Palmarchuck and his wife Phillis were struggling with financial issues after they were forced into early retirement due to injuries they had sustained. They also lost their house in Tennessee to foreclosure in spite of renovations worth thousands of dollars they had made.

They finally had to file for bankruptcy and had a yard sale to raise money for new housing. The Palamarchucks then moved to Berryton, Mecosta County in a trailer home that Joe’s daughter offered them.

A couple of years later, the Palmachucks finally got some very good news when they found out that they had won $10 Lakh in the lottery. They had to borrow money to travel to Tennessee to claim their prize, but in the end, it all worked out for them.

They got the traditional oversized check, which they deposited in the bank and a $1,000 on the spot payment so that they could get home. After their big win, Joe went on to play the lottery on a regular basis, which brought them a second lottery win only two years later. As you can see, some people win the lottery multiple times...

After winning $10 Lakh in 2011, the Palmarchucks won a whopping $13.5 Crore in 2013 in the Classic 47 Michigan Lottery. Their second win compensated for all of the hardship they have had to endure and helped them get the life they had always dreamed of.

5. The Pearlie Smith Story

Pearlie Smith is a mother of 7 and she always went out of her way for her family. One day, she dreamt about winning numbers for the Powerball lottery. She decided to actually play them. Pearlie usually used birthdays, anniversaries, or just random numbers for the lottery, but this time she used the numbers of her dream.

This turned out to be a very wise decision because those numbers brought her one of the largest jackpots in lottery history at the time. Pearlie Smith won a whopping $42.96 Crore in the Powerball, and became one of the Powerball biggest winners which changed her life and that of her entire family.

The Smiths eventually opted for the $28.4 Crore cash option and they divided the money among them equally. The only expectation that they had from their new lottery winner lifestyle was that it would change them for the better.

6. The Denise and Paul Hardware Story

Our last entry is a heartwarming lottery story that will definitely inspire you! Paul Hardware and his wife, Denise, were devastated to find out that Paul was going to be fired from his job as a chef. The 51-year-old from Cardiff and his wife were both working shifts and barely saw each other because of their hectic work schedule.

Luckily for the couple, immediately after learning about Paul being fired, their luck changed! The two discovered that they won almost £50 Lakh playing the lottery. They had been playing for 14 years, but they have never won more than a few pounds in the UK lotto before. The amazing win came at the right time, as it helped the couple out of a difficult financial situation.

They celebrated by quitting their jobs and going on a cruise on the Mediterranean! When they returned, they first paid off their mortgage, then bought a house in Somerset, a new car for their son and paid for his studies.

Playing the lottery can bring about some tremendous changes that can make a significant difference in your life. It is not only the shortest path to becoming rich, but also one of the best possible ways to remain hopeful. So, play on LottoSmile and maybe you will get a life-changing lottery win of your very own one day. Good luck!