8 Books About the Lottery that Make an Excellent Read

There have been countless books about the lottery & lottery winners over the years, but only few of them have managed to capture the truly important aspects of the game. Who hasn't dreamt of winning an extra large jackpot at the US Powerball for instance.

In this article, we have gathered eight of the best lottery books of all time, so that you can see the many ways that the lottery can shape a story. Take a look at our books selection and enjoy these fascinating lottery stories!

1. The Lottery

5. An Embarrassment of Riches

2. Lucky You

6. Lottery

3. Heartbreaker breaks

7. You Never Know:Tales of Tobias, An Accidental Lottery Winner

4. The Winner

8. Windfall

1. The Lottery
- Shirley Jackson

Published in the New York Times back in 1948, Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” became one of the most beloved American short stories of all time. Set in a fictional American town, the story is centered on a mysterious lottery that was held here every single year to bring a “good harvest”.

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

As Jackson reveals more about the people living in the town and the importance of the lottery, it soon becomes apparent that this was nothing like traditional lotteries such as the Mega Millions. This was an event that people were not looking forward to, but actually dreading.

The suspense builds on further and further up until the year’s lottery draw, where you will get to find out the unexpected turn that this game takes. Get ready for a complex psychological story that will grip you from its very first words and keep you guessing up until the end. This book surprised people so much that it has been made into movies & plays. This is one book about the lottery that you do not want to miss!

2. Lucky You – Carl Hiaasen

Lucky You by Carl Hiaasen

When JoLayne Lucks wins the lottery, she is overwhelmed with enthusiasm because she finally had the resources to stop a nearby forest from being turned into a shopping mall. But little does she know that her amazing win will put her at great risk.

JoLayne is not the only winner of the draw, which means that she is entitled to half of the $280 Lakh prize. The other lottery winners are Bode Gazzer and his friend, Chub, two thugs who are not keen on sharing their lottery prize.

They beat up JoLayne and steal her lottery ticket so that they can collect the entire jackpot. The only man that she can turn to is Tom Krome, a journalist who came to Grange, Florida to get an interview with JoLayne. To find out if she manages to get her winning ticket back and save the forest, you have to read Carl Hiaasen's book.

3. Heartbreaker Breaks by Paloma Meir

Heartbreaker Breaks by Paloma Meir

Paloma Meir’s bestseller tells the story of a beautiful woman named Faye, who simply had it all: a loving husband, two adorable daughters, and a thriving business. But one day, Faye wins a big lottery jackpot, which makes her see her entire life in a different light.

Since her husband, Adam, is not particularly money savy, he is quite easily influenced by the lottery windfall. Faye eventually gets to the point where she has to tiptoe around her husband and get involved in secret endeavors just to protect the lottery fortune.

This is how she ends up meeting Nick, a young man she is drawn to in spite of any logical explanation. The time spent with him will make Faye have some valuable realizations about how happy she truly is in her perfect life.

4. The Winner by David Baldacci

The Winner by David Baldacci

Baldacci’s lottery book is a gripping story about the lengths that people would go to when faced with the right circumstances. Impoverished mother LuAnn Tyler lives in a trailer park and she struggles greatly to make ends meet. One day, her friend, Jackson tries to get her involved in his plan to con the National Lottery, but LuAnn refuses to have anything to do with it.

But she is soon left without the luxury of choice, as she is falsely accused of murder. In her new situation, she is obligated to take part in Jackson’s lottery plan. The plot turns out perfectly, and LuAnn gets the money she needs to be safe, but this also means that she must leave the US.

Ten years later, LuAnn is forced to come back to America, which puts her at great risk from Jackson. With no one to turn to, her only hope is a man named Matthew Riggs, whose story is a thrilling tale. Read “The Winner” to find out how this thrilling novel ends and we promise it is going to be a real page-turner; a great lottery book!

5. An Embarrassment of Riches by Gerald Hansen

An Embarrassment of Riches by Gerald Hansen

Ursula Barnett and her husband, Jed, strike big when they win the Irish National Lottery. But while this windfall promises to solve all of their past and future financial problems, it ends up creating a family feud of epic proportions.

After their lottery win, they move to Ursula’s hometown of Derry, Northern Ireland, where they reunite with her family. Unfortunately, this also includes Ursula’s incredibly greedy sister-in-law, Fionnuala Flood, who begins to plot against her in the hope of getting her money.

Fionnuala’s life is a sad story. Between an alcoholic husband, seven utterly difficult children, and two jobs, her motivation to get Ursula’s money is iron strong. So, she develops a complex plan to rally the entire family against Ursula and she will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Find out how this gripping story ends in Gerald Hansen’s suspense-filled novel.

6. Lottery by Patricia Wood

Lottery by Patricia Wood

Unlike other books about the lottery, Patricia Wood’s novel provides readers with a unique take on luck and financial winnings. Lottery is written from the perspective of a man with an IQ of 76. His name is Perry L. Crandall and his life has not been easy, as he is borderline clinically retarded. Perry was raised by his grandmother, who has thought him some essential guidelines to get him through life.

Unfortunately, this is all that Perry is left with when she dies, and he now has to get through life all on his own. The rest of Perry’s family end up swindling him out of the house that he inherited from his grandmother. Left homeless and penniless, Perry finds help with some friends who stand beside him and help him find a job and place to live.

Then, in an entirely unexpected stroke of luck, Perry wins a huge lottery prize worth $120 Lakh, which put him at risk for brand new plots from his ill-willing family. Suddenly surrounded by friends with unclear intentions, Perry must rely on the guidelines that his grandmother has thought him to get through the unexpected complications brought on by his lotto fortune.

7. You Never Know:Tales of Tobias, An Accidental Lottery Winner by Lilian Duval

Tales of Tobias And Accidental Lottery Winner by Lilian Duval

Lilian Duval’s novel is a book about the lottery unlike any of the ones in our list. It is a psychological drama about the chances we all get in life. The title character, Tobias, is a man who life has not treated kindly. His main aspiration growing up is to get a college education, but this becomes almost impossible when both of his parents are killed in a car accident and he is left to care for his younger brother, who was mentally ill.

Tobias is suddenly cast into a life of hardships, dead-end jobs, and an endless struggle to make ends meet. With no hope of ever getting to college, Tobias gives up on his academic expectations. Then, one day as he reaches his late thirties, something entirely unexpected happens.

Tobias wins the lottery, which changes absolutely everything for him. But even with the necessary resources to fix all the issues he has been struggling with, is Tobias still able to change his life in a significant way?

8. Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith

Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith

Windfall is a tender and inspiring story about love and luck. Alice is a hopeless romantic who doesn’t believe in luck, she only believes in love. She’s been in love with Teddy, her best friend, for three years. She buys him lottery tickets for his birthday, and guess what?

He wins 320 Lakh dollars and they are brought even closer together by this amazing event. Teddy wants to spend his fortune on helping others through random acts of kindness, and Alice is the ideal partner for this adventure.

Through this process, they get to know each other better than ever and share the joy of generosity with the world. However, keep in mind that money can’t buy happiness or love!

Which Lottery Book Should You Read?

From heartwarming lottery stories to breathtaking action books, some lottery books are just too amazing to miss them. If you like reading, here is our selection of each, by theme:

- Which is the best lottery thriller?

If you are looking for an amazing lottery thriller we advise you to try “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson or “The Winner” by David Baldacci. Jackson’s short story is her best known work. The storyline emphasizes the power of tradition and ritual. Baldacci’s winner gets a rags-to-riches deal that becomes deadlier than anyone could have ever thought.

- Which is the best romantic lottery book?

There are 2 amazing lottery books out there that outline the romantic side surrounding a lottery win: “Heartbreaker Breaks” by Paloma Meir & “Windfall” by Jennifer E. Smith. Meir’s lottery winner unexpectedly gets lucky when she wins the lottery, but this win also helps her reevaluate her life. It is a romance with a bitter-sweet happy ending. Windfall is also a story about a woman who learns a lot about herself after winning the lottery. Ups and downs intertwine in this dramedy.

- Which is the most intruiging fictional lottery book?

Patricia Wood wrote a fiction from a very unusual perspective. She shows us the adventure of a a man with an IQ of 76 who wins the lottery. Crandall (the main character) is borderline clinically retarded but he isn’t stupid. Throughout the book, Crandall lives through the guidelines that his grandmother has thought him.

So, which one of these books about the lottery would you be tempted to read? Will it be Shirley Jackson’s thrilling tale, Baldacci’s psychological novel, Paloma Meir’s love story, or Carl Hiaasen's action-filled book? Whichever one you choose, you are bound to experience the lottery like no other time before. Enjoy!