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Check Your Japan Mini Loto Results

Check Your Japan Mini Loto Results

The Japan Mini Loto, also known as Japan Pick 5, proudly boasts four prize divisions, and you need to match all the five numbers drawn from a pool of 1-31 to win the jackpot! With such a small guess range, the odds of winning this lotto game are incredible! You stand an amazing 1 in 169,911 chance of scooping the jackpot which starts at 12 million yen. For matching 4 of the drawn numbers and the bonus number, you get the secondary prize worth ¥ 160,300 yen, while the third prize gets you 12,300 yen for matching 4 of the drawn numbers. Are you ready for more good news? Well, all prizes in this Asian lottery are paid tax-free, as it is the case with other Japanese lotto games (Japan Loto 6 and Japan Loto 7), all available online! See more lottery results online, and take the time to check the other Japanese lotteries, the Japan Loto 6 results and the Mini Loto results.

How to Receive FREE Japan Mini  Loto  Results

How to Receive FREE Japan Mini Loto Results

To get free Japan Mini Loto online results, you can sign up for email notifications here. Take the time to periodically check the results page to stay updated with the winning numbers of the most recent draws of this small lottery, as well as many other. When you purchase Japan Mini Loto tickets online on our platform, you can submit your numbers for successive lotto draws, regardless of your location!

Japan Mini Loto Record Jackpots

Japan Mini Loto Record Jackpots

Remember that the top prize awarded by Japan Pick 5 starts at 12 million yen and it will rollover every time it is not won. The current record stands at over 40 million yen! You have a 1 in 169,911 chance of winning the main prize and if you do so, you may be required to travel to the official lottery’s headquarters in Tokyo to cash in your prize in person. This Japanese lottery offers its prizes tax-free, and they must be claimed within one year, otherwise the ticket will expire. The amazing odds and the simple game format attract many international players, so join in on the fun!

For more information on the Japan Mini Loto check out the official Japan Loto site.

Are you the Japan Mini Loto Winner?


To check if you won the Japan Mini Loto jackpot, all you need to do is compare the 5 numbers on your ticket with those drawn by the lottery officials from a guess range of 1-31. In case they match up, congratulations are in order! You’re the Japan Mini Loto jackpot winner! The 3 secondary prizes require players to guess either 4 balls and the Bonus Ball, 4 or 3 of the winning numbers. The main prize depends on ticket sales for each draw, the actual prize awarded can end up being higher or lower than the amount advertised on our platform. The Japan Mini Loto draws are held every Tuesday at 18:45, Japan local time.

Check out the Japan’s official lottery website.