Play Austria EuroMillions Online

 How to Play Austria EuroMillions Online

How to Play Austria EuroMillions Online?

When you play the Austria EuroMillions online, you have to choose five main numbers from a guess range of 1 to 50, with two additional numbers called Lucky Stars from a guess range of 1 to 12. On, you can use the grid above to choose your numbers manually.

You can also try the Quick Pick feature to get random numbers for your Austria EuroMillions lottery ticket. Try out our Multi-Draw packages to enter up to 52 draws in advance and get a discount of up to 25% on your tickets. You can also subscribe to the Austria EuroMillions on and you will get every 7th ticket for free. To know if you won, check out Austria EuroMillions results online. We publish them soon after the draw closes. 

Can I Play Austria EuroMillions from India?

Can I Play Austria EuroMillions from India?

On, you can play the Austria EuroMillions from India, as well as many other of the amazing lottery games. All you have to do is set up an account on our platform and then you can start playing, If you are into European lotteries, you can also try Austria Lotto or France Loto. However, you should know that on LottoSmile, you can also find some of the most popular American Lottery games

After you buy your Austria EuroMillions ticket online, our local agents will purchase a ticket on your behalf from an authorized lottery retailer in Austria. You will then receive a scan of your ticket in your personal account as proof of purchase. Click here to find out more about how LottoSmile works.

How to Win the EuroMillions Jackpot

How to Win the Austria EuroMillions Jackpot?

When you play Austria EuroMillions, your main aim is to guess all the five main numbers and both the Lucky Stars to win the first prize. The starting amount for the jackpot is €17 Million and with every draw where it is not won, it gets bigger and bigger.

According to the EuroMillions rules, the jackpot can get as high as €230 Million. Once this is reached and if it is not won, the jackpot remains at the same level of four consecutive draws. If on the fifth draw there is still no jackpot winner, the total amount will be split between the winners of the second category. Once the current jackpot cap of €230 Million is reached, a new jackpot cap of €240 Million will be set. 

 Boost Winning Odds

How to Boost Your Winning Odds in the Austria EuroMillions?

On LottoSmile, you have some very exciting options that can increase your odds of winning the lottery. If you want to be a EuroMillions winner, then try out the systematic forms. They allow you to play all the possible combinations of 6 to 10 numbers so that you stand more chances to win a prize.

You can also play syndicates and enter the Austria EuroMillions with a large number of tickets together with a group of players. You can purchase shares in EuroMillions syndicates and boost your odds of winning the amazing prizes in the game. But if you can’t decide between syndicates and regular tickets, then we suggest you try out the bundles, which offer you the best of both worlds and all for a very affordable price.

EuroMillions SuperDraws

What Are the EuroMillions Superdraws?

The EuroMillions lottery hosts special draws from time to time, which offer players the chance to win jackpots of at least €100 Million. EuroMillions Superdraws are just like regular draws, but the amount of the jackpot is increased significantly irrespective of the previous draw's jackpot.

The most recent Superdraw jackpot was won on October 15, 2021. A lucky ticket holder from France took home €220 Million (EuroMillions record jackpot). Stay tuned for more updates about EuroMillions SuperDraws! As soon as the EuroMillions lottery officials anounce the date for the next SuperDraw, we publish it here.

 The Amazing EuroMillions Raffles

What is the Österreich Bonus Raffle?

Some of the EuroMillions countries family also host raffles along with the lottery draws. These offer players the chance to win a prize without matching the EuroMillions numbers. To win the prizes in the EuroMillions raffles, ticket-holders must only have the winning codes, which are assigned at random.

The Austria EuroMillions hosts the Österreich Bonus raffle, which comes with a special €100,000 prize. On LottoSmile, you can also play the Spain EuroMillions, the Spanish version of the game to enter a raffles with a weekly €1 Million prize.

 EuroMillions Winners Latest News

Latest News about EuroMillions Winners

The last EuroMillions Super Jackpot scooped brought €220 Million to a player from France! That lucky player chose all the right numbers: 21-26-31-34-49/02 & 05 for the draw on Octobre 15, 2021. A player from Spain scooped the previous EuroMillions jackpot! He won a beautiful prize of €113 Million on Friday 13, August 2021, by playing the lucky numbers 06-12-44-47-49/08 & 12. Overall, there were over 3.13 Million winners during that draw but only one managed to guess all numbers right.

There is more good news with EuroMillions! This pan-European lottery changed its rules starting February 2020 and now offers more jaw-dropping jackpots and holds more special draws, known as Superdraws. If the past jackpot cap was standing at €190 Million, the threshold is now growing to €230 Million and will even reach €250 Million in the future. So, don’t miss your chance to participate in the next draw and put in your EuroMillions tickets on LottoSmile!