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American lotteries are the most popular around the world, attracting players from around the world who submit tickets in each draw. Some of them boost incredible jackpots, while others rely on attractive odds of winning. Find out which is the best lottery to play in USA right below. As you may already know, the Powerball and the Mega Millions are the most important players in the US market, and that’s why there are in the top positions on our list. At the moment, Powerball is in the lead, closely followed by the Mega Millions as the second best.

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Mega Millions
Lotto Texas
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We have gathered the top of the American lotteries you should know about. See what each of them offers and find the right option for you!

1. Powerball

4. Bonus: More American Lotteries

2. Mega Millions

5. Lottery With Best Odds

3 Texan Lotteries

6. Play From Out Of The States

Which are the best lotteries in USA? Do you know all there is to know about US games? Find out if you missed anything before trying any of them, and then, let us know which one is your favourite!

Powerball lottery

Powerball: The Best Lottery to Play in USA

The absolute Champion! Powerball is the most famous lottery on the planet and it currently holds the record for the largest jackpot ever awarded. Players from all over the world dream of scooping the amazing Powerball jackpots! Its global popularity came from offering record jackpots throughout its whole history. In fact, in 2017, a jackpot worth $75.8 Crore  went to 53-year-old Mavis Wanczyk. Most recently, in 2019, 24-year-old Manuel Franco from Wisconsin won an even bigger Powerball jackpot, worth $76.8 Crore!

What really brought the Powerball in the spotlight is the jackpot of $158 Crore shared by 3 lucky ticket holders, back in 2016. In that historic draw, one of our online lottery players also won big at the Powerball. The lucky man living in El Salvador scooped the $10 Lakh 2nd prize of the draw! It then reiterated this historical moment when a single winning ticket brought a $204 jackpot to California in November 2022.

The US Powerball format includes 5 main numbers out of 69 + 1 bonus number from 1 to 26. You’ll be happy to know that even if you don’t guess all the numbers, you could still get one of the eight secondary prizes this lottery offers. Furthermore, you can boost your secondary wins with the amazing Powerplay, an additional feature you can purchase with your ticket. It is one of the fascinating American multipliers that the American lottery offers us.

The Powerball draws take place on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, don’t hesitate to check the Powerball results on our platform shortly after the draws, once you have entered the game.

Mega Millions lottery

Mega Millions: Second Best Lottery in USA?

The Mega Millions has earned the second-place on our list, as this American lottery held the record for the biggest jackpot ever between 2012 and 2016 with its $65.6 Crore prize. Not only that, but in 2018, the Mega Millions managed to overcome the individual record held by the Powerball, when it awarded $153.7 Crore to a sole ticket-holder! More recently, in August 2023, a single ticket brought a record jackpot of $160.2 Crore to Florida.

Any lotto player gets excited just by seeing these amazing numbers and the records Mega Millions still holds. This American lotto is played all over the world, and you can easily do the same on LottoSmile to be part of this amazing lotto game. There is a precedent, as we have an online player who won a $10 Lakh Mega Millions prize on our platform.

The first prize never falls under $2 Crore, and it is awarded to players who guess 5 numbers from a range of 1 to 70 and the bonus ball, known as the Mega Ball from 1 to 25. So, the Mega Millions offers its own version of a prize multiplier as well. It is called the Megaplier.

The Powerball versus Mega Millions is a legendary battle, so the Mega Millions can’t afford to be overtaken.

Lotto Texas

Lotto Texas: Texan Fun

The Lotto Texas offers some amazing odds of winning, while maintaining a straightforward game format. Players appreciate that this lottery doesn’t place a cap on its jackpot. The first prize can grow to some impressive amounts for a local lottery! The record for this lotto game stands at an amazing $14.5 Crore which was awarded to Alfredo Ornelas Barragan on June 29, 2004.

So how does it work? To play Lotto Texas you need to select six numbers from a guess range of 1 to 54. No extra numbers, just simple fun! You have a 1 in 2,58,27,165 chance of matching all six numbers and taking home the jackpot. That is not all, you have a 1 in 89,678 shot at winning the second prize as well!

This Texan lottery offers a total of 4 prizes, so even matching 3 numbers will get you a symbolic prize. Check our Lotto Texas results page to see if you scored a win with this exciting lottery. Moreover, it offers a special version, the Lotto Texas Extra! which adds a bit of spice to the regular Texas game by boosting the secondary prizes up to $10,000. The game play format is exactly the same as it is for the regular game, but you can win more when winning, so take the time to check out the Extra! version. This is a game definitely to be included in our list of the best lotteries in USA.

Texas Cash Five lottery

Texas Cash Five: Easiest to Win Online

The Texas Cash Five is the easiest lottery to win in USA, as it offers a reduced guess range and amazing odds of winning. To play the Texas Cash Five, you need to select 5 numbers from 1 to 35. Otherwise, you have an amazing 1 in 3,24,632 chance of matching all of the right numbers to scoop the jackpot.

All the prizes in this game, including the jackpot are paid in a one lump-sum payment. You need to know that when you play online, the whole amount is yours as we never place any commission on your winnings!

This lottery holds its draws Monday through Saturday, which means you get an almost daily chance of playing to win! There is no reason for you not to try your luck with this fun and simple lottery. Who knows? You may become the next jackpot winner, so purchase your tickets on our platform before the next draw.

Texas Two Step lottery

Texas Two Step: Southern Charm

The Texas Two Step takes its name after the famous dance every Southerner enjoys. There is no need for you not to join in the fun and submit your tickets to this fun lottery. Let us tell you how it works: you simply need to choose four numbers from 1 to 35 and an additional number from the same guess range.

Getting the four main numbers and the additional one makes you the jackpot winner! The jackpot starts at $2,00,000 and can grow significantly, as there is no jackpot cap in place. You should also know that the Texas Two Step comes with great odds of winning the jackpot: 1 in 18,32,600!

Start playing this fun American lottery for a chance to become a lotto winner and change your life around. You have nothing to lose if you choose this straight-forward and exciting game!

Bonus: More Best Lotteries in USA! 

Due to logistical reasons, the following lotteries are not available on LottoSmile at the moment, but we hope they will soon be. So, let us explain you why these lottery games are worth while and why you should know about them.

Cash4Life lottery

Cash4Life: Unique Lotto

Get ready to be impressed by how Cash4Life works! This unique lottery is played in states like New York and New Jersey; however, the most interesting aspect of this lottery is how it delivers its prizes.

How does everything work? Firstly, jackpot winners in the United States can choose to receive $1,000, per day, for the rest of their life! Hence the name of this lottery, Cash4Life. Or, they can opt for a single estimated payment of around $70 Lakh.

In addition, this daily lottery offers its players a chance in 2.1 Crore to take home the jackpot! Although the jackpot is not as impressive as those offered by the major international lotteries, the winning odds are a good motivation to try this US lottery.

New York Lotto

New York Lotto: Encouraging Odds

The New York Lotto tickets are only available for purchase in the state of New York which means that less people are participating, so you have less competition in the battle for the prizes. Compared to the Powerball or Mega Millions, the New York lotto is smaller, but it makes it a more accessible lottery which comes with significantly better odds.

The most important advantage when playing the New York Lotto is the relationship between the value of the prizes and your chances of winning them: 1 in 4.5 Crore. To get a better idea, it means that you are 6 times more likely to win with the NY Lotto than the US Powerball mentioned above! This makes it one of the best lotteries to play.

Take 5 NY

Take 5 NY: Fun All Around!

New York Take 5 is one of the easiest lotteries to win in USA for a simple reason: its reduced guess range. You need to choose 5 numbers from 1 to 39. To get the bigger picture, think about the fact that there are lotteries with guess ranges of 69 or even 70 numbers, so 39 is truly remarkable!

With the 1/39 format and without any additional numbers, this NY lotto game deserves to be among the best American lotteries. What’s more: it offers daily draws, which means you can win every day!

Lotto America

Lotto America: this is one of the most popular American lotteries, as it offers huge jackpots and great odds! The biggest Lotto America jackpot to date was scooped by lucky woman from Minnesota who won $2.2 Crore! But who knows what the next amount will be… and you could be the one cashing it!

To participate in the Lotto America draws, all you have to do is to select 5 main numbers from 1 to 52, as well as an additional number between 1 and 10. The starting jackpot is of $20 Lakh and can grow to very interesting amounts as $50,000 are added to it at every rollover.

If you win one of the secondary prizes, you will feel you were inspired if you selected the multiplier All Star Bonus. It would help you get up to 5 times the amount you win at this great American lottery!

Jersey Cash5

Jersey Cash5: Is this the best lottery in Jersey? Definitely! Eventhough it is a daily lottery, the Jackpot still managed to score a $1.6 Crore record in September 2017! So, the Jersey Cash5 might be less known than it's sister the New York Cash5, but it is still worth mentioning and, why not, playing... At least you don't have to wait too long until you know if you won or not. For that, come and check our New Jersey Cash5 results' page.

Logo California SuperLotto Plus

California SuperLotto Plus: This great american lottery is offering 1 odd out of $4.1 Crore to win the Jackpot, and that Jackpot can rise up to $19.3 Crore like it did in the past. To play, all you have to do is to guess the 5 main numbers out of 47 and the additional one out of 27. Do you think you are lucky enough to strike the win on this one? No matter what, come and check if you won on our results page of the California SuperLotto Plus.

Fantasy 5

California Fantasy 5: An other Californian lottery worth mentioning is the Fantasy 5. It is very similar to the New York Take 5 so it offers the same odds. What else?! The Fantasy 5 offers draws daily, so that you don't need to wait too long before checking if you won on our results page of the California Fantasy 5.

Logo Florida Lotto

Florida Lotto: This is one of the lotteries we used to provide on our platform, and we hope to have it back soon as the Florida Lotto brought good luck to Aura, a player from Panama who scooped $3 Crore, in August 2017, on our platform. You can imagine her surprise when she checked her numbers on the Florida Lotto results page and found out she was now a rich person. But that wasn't all: Aura became famous all around the World when American newspapers decided to share her story. 

Logo NJ Pick 6 XTRA

NJ Pick 6 XTRA: In September 2017, a player won $1.6 Crore at the New Jersey Pick 6 Extra. It is true that the prizes don't always arise to such amounts, but that's because they fall more often and therefore make more winners. Are you going to be one of these winners? Don't miss out on anything!

Which US Lottery Offers The Best Odds?

We all would love to find the perfect lotto game that mixes amazing winning odds and mouth-watering jackpots, turning it into a guaranteed success! Realistically, there is more to take into account when choosing the best American lottery to play, and hopefully win. You should analyze both the overall winning odds and the odds of winning the jackpot.

The odds of winning the jackpot are the most important for the majority of lotto players and they obviously refer to your chance of taking home the main prize. Naturally, major lotteries have tougher odds than smaller ones, as they offer bigger jackpots. Out of our top American lotteries, you have the most chances of winning the jackpot of the New York Take 5 with a 1 in 5,75,757 shot.

For example, the biggest lotteries, Powerball and Mega Millions offer significantly tougher jackpot odds of 1 in 29,22,01,338, and 1 in 30,25,75,350, respectively. Find out more about each American lottery's odds in the table below:

Lottery Odds Of Winning The Jackpot Odds Of Winning A Prize Record Jackpots


1 / 29,12,01,338

1 / 24.87

$204 Crore

Mega Millions

1 / 30,25,75,350

1 / 37

$160.2 Crore

Lotto America

1 / 2,59,89,600

1 / 9.63

$2.2 Crore

New York Lotto

1 / 4,50,57,474

1 / 46.02

$7.2 Crore

New York Cash4Life

1 / 2,18,46,048

1 / 8

$1,000 / per day, for life!

New York Take 5

1 / 5,75,757

1 / 8.77


Lotto Texas

1 / 2,58,27,165

1 / 71 (Extra - 1/7.9)


Texas Two Step

1 / 18,32,600

1 / 32.4


Texas Cash Five

1 / 3,24,632

1 /7.2


When thinking about the overall winning odds, mathematical formulas assess your chances of winning any prize offered by the respective lottery. New York Take 5 comes on top here as well, as it offers a 1 in 9 chance of taking home a prize. When you play the lotto giants, Mega Millions and Powerball, your overall odds of winning are 1 in 24 and 1 in 25, respectively.

Of course, no odds are impossible to beat, but winning the New York Take 5 would obviously be easier. You just need to decide if you prefer smaller prizes with better chances of winning or tough sky-high jackpots that will be life-changing.

Which Is the Biggest American Lottery?

The US Powerball and the Mega Millions are the ultimate lottery champions, all due to their jaw-dropping prizes that attract so many players at every draw. At the moment, the world record jackpot of $204 Crore is held by Powerball.

Mega Millions is not far behind with a $160.2 Crore jackpot to a single winner from Florida in August 2023. For their amazing jackpots and global appeal, US Powerball and Mega Millions are undoubtedly the biggest American lotteries!

Can You Play American Lotteries from Outside the States?

After reading our analysis, you are now surely dreaming of one of the amazing jackpots the American lotteries are offering. You may wonder if you have to travel to the US and buy your lotto tickets. Luckily, you can now safely play your favourite lotteries with lottery messenger services, such as LottoSmile.

Through our platform, you can set up a secured account and purchase tickets to your preferred lottery online. You will then receive a proof of purchase on your account. Our local agents buy physical tickets, with your selected numbers, on your behalf making the whole process legal and safe!

Your tickets are stored in safes, so there’s no reason for you to worry about them ever getting lost or stolen.

So, which is the best lottery to play in USA do you think? Let us know right below:

In conclusion: our platform is the most convenient way for you to play US lotteries from India without having to travel to America, but, most importantly, LottoSmile is 100% safe! We wish you the best of luck in the next draw!