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How to play EuroDreams online

How to play EuroDreams online?

To play EuroDreams online, simply select 6 main numbers from a 1 to 40 guess range and an additional number from a 1 to 5 guess range. This additional number is called the Dream number. If you guess right all numbers, you win the main jackpot of €20,000 a month for 30 years.

LottoSmile features the total amount of the EuroDreams jackpot on its platform: €7.2 Million, however the jackpot is paid in monthly payments over 30 years. There is no option to get the prize as a lump sum payment. However, this is still a life-changing win!

When are the EuroDreams draws

When are the EuroDreams draws?

EuroDreams draws take place on Monday and Thursday evening, at 21:00, local time in Paris. EuroDreams is a pan-European lottery available in 8 different countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

You can physically get your EuroDreams tickets in any of the participating countries, or you can choose to participate to EuroDreams online. When you choose the latter, you can enjoy a wide variety of game options, including syndicates and bundles. Shortly after the draws, you can check the EuroDreams results.

What prizes can you win at EuroDreams

What prizes can you win at EuroDreams?

The EuroDreams jackpot is a whopping €20,000 a month for 30 years! It can only be shared by up to 3 winners. If there are more than 3 winners, each will get an equal share of the prize fund as a one-time cash payment. However, this is not the only interesting EuroDreams prize you can win. For instance, the second prize of the EuroDreams lottery is a stupendous €2,000 a month, for 5 years. These 2 prizes are annuity payouts and cannot be scooped as a lump sum payment.

EuroDreams offers 5 secondary prizes overall, including a €103.49 third prize, a €40.48 fourth prize, a $5.29 fifth prize as well as a ticket refund prize.

How to claim your EuroDreams prize on LottoSmile

How to claim your EuroDreams prize on LottoSmile?

On LottoSmile, prizes 3 to 6 will be paid directly into your account. You will receive a cash prize instead of a free ticket for the 6th and last prize.

If you guess right all the numbers and win the 1st prize on LottoSmile, you will be provided with the official winning ticket and the prize will be paid out by the official lottery organizer. Same goes with the second prize as both these prizes will be paid out as annuity prizes.

EuroDreams vs EuroMillions, which is better

EuroDreams vs EuroMillions, which is better?

EuroMillions is a pan-European lottery game offered in 9 different countries. It was launched in 2004 and grew to be the biggest European lottery on the market. EuroDreams has been launched on November 2023 only but is often compared to EuroMillions. This is partly because almost all EuroMillions countries offer EuroDreams entries as well. Only UK does not offer EuroDreams tickets.

The main difference between the two is the fact that EuroDreams offers annuity prizes for the jackpot and the second-tier. This is a first for a pan-European game. You can win up to 20,000 per month, for 30 years! Try your luck!