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Play Irish Lotto Online

Play Ireland Lotto Online

How to Play Irish Lotto Online?

Do you want to see if you have the luck of the Irish? Test it by playing the Irish Lotto online on LottoSmile. To play this lottery you have to select 6 numbers from a guess range of 1 to 47 in the grid above. Please note that lottery officials also draw a bonus number which is used to determine secondary prize divisions. After choosing your numbers, you are ready to buy your official Ireland Lotto ticket, all in just a few clicks! You have two options available when playing the lottery online, either choose your lucky numbers manually, or go for the Quick Pick option that automatically generates them for your ticket.

When you purchase lotto tickets online on LottoSmile you have two game play options: playing a standard single entry or participating in successive draws with a Subscription or a Multi-draw package. Both the Subscription and the Multi-draw bring you significant discounts, every 7th ticket for free and discounts of up to 25% respectively! If you subscribe to a certain lottery, you participate in successive draws until you decide to unsubscribe; while Multi-draws allow you to choose how many draws you want to play (5, 10, 15, 25 or 52).

 Play Ireland Lotto from India

Can I Play Irish Lotto from India?

Luckily, you can safely play this Irish lotto online from home on LottoSmile. When you choose your favorite lottery and purchase tickets on our platform, our local agents go out and buy tickets on your behalf. You then receive the scanned copies of the tickets n your account, so you have time to check the numbers before the official draw

The lottery ticket scans come with a unique identification number which proves your exclusive ownership of those entries, but mostly, to the prizes they might bring! What’s more, there are many other lotteries waiting for you on our platform! You can test your luck with other European lotteries like the very famous Italian SuperEnalotto or the pan-European lotteries, such as the EuroJackpot or the best European lottery, the EuroMillions.

 Ireland Lotto Draws

When Are the Irish Lotto Draws?

The Ireland Lotto draws take place twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday at 20.00, CST  time, therefore at 02.00 the next days ,India time. Luckily, you don’t need to wake up early to check if you won any prizes. You can easily subscribe to the free alerts service available on and receive the Ireland Lotto Results by e-mail or SMS, as soon as the winning Irish lottery numbers are drawn.

If you win any prizes, they will be available on your personal account as soon as the lottery officials deliver them to us. As our mission is to offer people from all over the world the chance to play and win the lottery, we never place any commission on your wins. It means that your prizes are 100% yours and they will be delivered to you in full, regardless of how big or small your win is! However, if you are lucky enough to win a lotto jackpot, you may be required to travel and collect your prize in person. There is nothing to worry about, as our professional team will support and guide you through the entire prize collection process.

 Win Ireland Lotto

How to Win the Irish Lotto Prizes?

You stand an amazing 1 in 29 chance of winning any of the Irish lottery prizes, and a 1 in 10,737,573 shot at taking home the jackpot! To win the main prize, you need to match all the 6 numbers extracted from 1 to 47, and, that’s it! The jackpot starts at €2,000,000 and it rolls over until it is won, which means it can grow to some impressive amounts. To improve your winning odds, go for a systematic form which allows you to participate with a ticket that includes more numbers (8, 9, 10 or 11) than a standard entry. Your ticket will cover every possible combination of your selected numbers to increase your chance of winning.

More good news! Apart from the amazing odds, multiple prize divisions and simple game format, this lottery also awards its prizes tax-free! All these factors make the Ireland Lotto a popular game you shouldn’t miss as it could turn you into a millionaire. Good luck in the next draw!