How Much Does a Powerball Ticket Cost?

Standard Powerball lines cost $2. If you choose the Powerplay optional, the ticket price raises to $3. As tickets can include multiple lines and different game options, the cost varies accordingly.

Keep in mind that the above amount refers to the official Powerball ticket prices in the United States, which apply only if you travel to the U.S. and get the ticket in person.

The best option for players who don’t live in the United States but still want to play Powerball is to use an online lottery ticket purchasing service. You will discover that you can include personalised discounts and offers when purchasing Powerball tickets online, so the price will vary.

The prices of the Powerball tickets sold online will be a few dollars more than those sold in the US. However, this difference does not compare to the expenses of airfare, hotel stays, and transportation to the US.

How Much Is a Powerball Ticket in the US?

Powerball ticket prices start from $2 (about 141 rupees) and increase based on the extra features you choose. Below you can see the price for each option available to Powerball players.

  • Price per line

    A standard Powerball line bought in the U.S. costs $2 (about ₹ 141). If you decide to play with more entries, you will pay $4 (₹ 282 ) for two lines, $6 (around ₹ 423) for three, and so on. You can go for as many moves as you wish, with the price increasing by $2 for each added line.

  • Multiple draw

    The price of $2 gets you a line in a single draw. If you want to participate in both weekly draws (Wednesday and Saturday) you will pay $4. For three successive draws the price will be $6, and so on. You can also choose to participate with more than one line in each draw, with the price varying based on how many you choose.

  • Power Play

    This multiplier is optional, so you can either add it to your ticket or not. If you decide to play with it, the cost of every line will increase by $1. Note that if you win a secondary prize with the PowerPlay, the amount you won will be multiplied by 2, 3, 4, 5, and, even 10 times!

What Is Powerball Ticket Price When Playing Online?

We do everything we can to maintain the prices as convenient as possible for you. However, you will notice that the cost of buying Powerball lottery tickets online on LottoSmile is slightly higher than the US price.

So, how much does a Powerball ticket costs online? On LottoSmile, every line of Powerball costs around $5 (₹ 356) and you can play only one line if this is what you want! The optional Powerplay would cost you $2.5 (₹ 178) more.

So why is there a difference between the price of Powerball tickets sold in the U.S. and those you can find online? The explanation is simple. This is the only commission online players pay for using our platform. It means that if you win, the whole amount will go straight to you, and we will not charge you anything.

powerball ticket

Tickets from the US vs. Online Purchase – Cost Differences

There are only two possible ways for Indian citizens to purchase Powerball tickets: either by traveling to the U.S or by doing it online. Getting the US visa, traveling to the United States, booking a hotel, and paying for transportation would mean quite a big investment for anyone.

A more affordable and convenient method is to get your Powerball lottery tickets online. If you choose our platform, you will benefit from a few important advantages. First of all, you need to understand how secure and safe your investment is.

For example, when buying your Powerball tickets online from India, one of our representatives in the United States will go and purchase the tickets on your behalf, only from reputed, accredited retailers. All the tickets bought online by our players are scanned and sent to them, and then carefully stored in safes.

These security measures prove to you that purchasing Powerball tickets online with LottoSmile is the best option for lottery players who don’t live in the U.S. Also, the discounts and benefits we offer will reduce your cost and even increase your odds of becoming a winner.

LottoSmile's Offers & Discounts

Playing on our platform comes with discounts and other special promotions to improve your gameplay. Below you can see the features you can use for your next Powerball draw.

  • Multi-Draw

    If you want to play successive draws without having to actually buy a new Powerball ticket every week, the multi-draw is your solution. Each option from 5 to 52 draws comes with a discount between 15% and 25%.

  • Syndicate

    When you decide to play in a syndicate, all players share the cost of multiple tickets, so you increase your odds of winning while reducing your investment.

  • Bundles

    To mix personal and group entries, go for bundles. Each package comes with a built-in discount depending on your choice!

  • Subscription

    By subscribing to the Powerball draw, you will get every 10th ticket for free and earn extra VIP points.

What if You Win by Playing Online?

We all dream of winning the lottery, but what happens if you actually win? Well, you will receive a notification from us in your personal account, in the Wins section, and also via e-mail or SMS. You can also check the Powerball results page to stay updated. The next step is to collect your prize.

If you win the jackpot, you may be required to collect the prize yourself from the official lottery operator. In this case, our team will help you through this process. Smaller wins will be transferred directly to your account after receipt confirmation.

We are always happy to share success lotto stories. In April 2012, B.U. won the life-changing second Powerball prize worth $1 million. He had only recently started playing US Powerball on our platform, and we offered him a luxurious trip from the UK to Florida to collect his prize.

In 2016, three players won big by playing online, making them lottery millionaires! All three of them won the US Powerball second prize, worth $1 million, by playing online on our platform. G., an Australian player, has played for more than 10 years and in 2016 he got very lucky. He managed to guess all the 5 main numbers of the draw and become a millionaire!

In January, H.V. from El Salvador guessed the 5 main Powerball numbers and earned the $1 million prize. P. from Quebec, Canada also won the second Powerball prize in February 2016.

You could be the next player to win on LottoSmile and change your life around!

How Much Did a Powerball Ticket Cost in the Past?

The price of Powerball tickets has slightly increased over the years, but the jackpot has also increased by millions. Before 2012, the price of a single Powerball line was $1, and the Powerplay option was not yet introduced. Currently, each line costs $2 and the Powerplay multiplier adds another $1 per line. This price modification was designed to avoid confusion between the US Powerball and US Mega Millions, its direct competitor.

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