Can Indian Citizens Play Powerball Legally?

When US lottery giant displayed a record-breaking US$1.6 billion jackpot, there was one question on everybody’s mind – Can Indian citizens play Powerball legally?

As US Powerball jackpots got larger than life, more and more people from all over the world wanted to play this amazing lottery. In this article, we will tell you about all the ways that Indian citizens can enter this amazing US lottery.

3 Myths that Must Be Debunked

Playing American lotteries from outside the US, is this even possible? Can Indians play American Powerball legally? As there is much debate on the matter, there are quite a few urban myths about this that have sprung up. While the law is strict on certain aspects, it is crucial that you understand it properly so that you benefit from all the opportunities it provides. As for the myths about the US Powerball, we’ve made a list of the main ones you should steer clear of:

Can Indians Play US Powerball Legally?

1. Tourists and immigrants are not allowed to play the US Powerball.

This is completely false. As per the official rules of the Powerball lottery listed on their official website, tourists and any other non-American citizens are eligible players. “You do not have to be a citizen or a resident to play the game. You can be a tourist". So, Indians travelling to the US can play Powerball legally during their stay.

2. Non-US citizens can play the US Powerball exactly like Americans do.

This is not entirely true. Non-US citizens can purchase their tickets from authorized retailers, exactly like American players. However, there is an essential aspect that they must be aware of. To collect any prize generated by your Powerball ticket, you cannot take the ticket outside the US.

Once the ticket is taken across the border, it becomes invalid. Players cannot collect lottery wins by using tickets they have brought in another country. The Immoral Acts Law states that “people are prohibited from importing into the United States from any foreign country any … lottery ticket, or any printed paper that may be used as a lottery ticket, or any advertisement of any lottery.

This means that Indian citizens can play Powerball during their stay in the US, but once they take the physical ticket outside the American border, it becomes invalid. As long as they both play and win the Powerball during their stay in the US, the process is entirely within the legal guidelines. So, Indians are eligible Powerball players.

3. Non-American players are exempt from taxes on their lottery winnings.

This is yet another myth that is completely false. When foreign players participate in the US Powerball, they must abide by American laws. As such, they are obligated to pay taxes on their winnings to the IRS. Please note that federal taxes for non-US residents are 30%, while those for US residents are 25%. Some states also have different taxation levels for non-residents. The amount of taxes you will have to pay depends on the state the ticket is purchased in.

After paying the taxes in the States, whether or not you pay any additional taxes in their country depends on the local law. In India, global income (such as lottery winnings) is taxable, so you will need to pay taxes to the Indian government as well.

Indian Citizens Can Play Powerball Legally – Here’s How

When there’s a will, there’s a way! There are two main options available to Indians who want to participate in the US Powerball lottery. Depending on their convenience and resources, they can choose from the following:

1. Lottery Tourism – Indians Can Travel to the US to Play Powerball

Indian citizens can travel to the United States to enter the Powerball lottery, as they are eligible players. However, this is the only simple part of the entire process. To make sure that their tickets remain in the US, they can do one of these things:

  •   Plan their trip to the US until after the Powerball draw and extend it if they have any winnings to collect.

  •   Leave their Powerball tickets in safety deposit boxes.

  •   Leave their Powerball tickets with some trustworthy friends.

While this may be a satisfactory option for Indians who want to play Powerball occasionally, it is almost impossible to turn it into a bi-weekly routine. Aside from the travel costs that would be significantly high, such a lottery routine will inevitably interfere with even the most permissive of work schedules and personal goals. .

Can Indians play Powerball?

2. Indian Citizens Can Play Powerball Online 

The easiest, safest, and most convenient way for Indians to play Powerball is LottoSmile. On our portal, they can get their lottery tickets online without wasting time, money, or effort on traveling to the authorized retailers themselves.

And the entire process is safe. On, they can play Powerball from India, and our local agents in the US will purchase the tickets from authorized local retailers on their behalf. As such, the Indian players are the official owners of the lottery tickets.

One of our biggest winners is an Iraqi player who got a whopping $6.4 million in the Oregon Megabucks lottery. Following his amazing win, the Oregon State Lottery has conducted a review of LottoSmile’s operations and they have concluded that the ticket purchasing service is perfectly valid. This should give you an idea of the exceptional quality of the services provided by our platform.

Indians Should Play Powerball Online – The 5 Main Advantages

Playing the US Powerball online is clearly the better option for Indian citizens who want to participate in the game. offers its clients a comprehensive service that includes full support for every step of the process. Here are the main advantages of playing Powerball on our portal:

1. Fast and Secure Purchases

On, Indians can play Powerball and complete their purchases in just a few clicks. They can choose the exact numbers they want to play or they can opt for computer-generated random numbers for their tickets. The ticket-purchasing service is transparent, extremely easy to use and it is entirely secure. You can read more about the Powerball ticket cost and where your money goes when you purchase lotto tickets.

2. Periodic Status Updates

Even though the local agents purchase the tickets, the Indian Powerball players are the only legal owners of these tickets. This means that they are entitled to the full amount of the prize.

3. Notifications about Wins

One of the services we offer our users is a timely notification regarding any winnings that they may have had. This will be sent via e-mail or SMS so that users find out about their prizes as soon as possible.

4. Support with the Prize-Collection Process

Our platform offers its users full support with the entire process of collecting their winnings. Moreover, prizes up to $2,500 are transferred immediately into the winner’s account. When it comes to jackpots or other large prizes, players may be asked to collect these personally, but our team will help them every step of the way.

5. No Additional Fees on Lottery Prizes

When users pay for their Powerball tickets on LottoSmile, they are entitled to the entire service pack, which includes everything that we have mentioned above. Our platform does not impose any taxes on prizes or any other additional fees for winners. Players can collect the entire amount of their prizes without having to worry about paying anything else to LottoSmile.

So, can Indian citizens play Powerball legally? They most definitely can! Whether they want to buy their tickets online in India or travel to the US to purchase them in person, they should know that they are eligible candidates for the game as long as they play by the rules. As such, they can participate in one of the biggest lotteries in the entire world and hopefully even win it!

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