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Playing It Global for Over a Decade

Founded in February 2002, lottosmile.in is the first of its kind, offering people the freedom to purchase official lottery tickets from around the world. We are an independent ticket purchasing service with over 20 local offices worldwide. Our local office staff purchases lottery tickets from official lottery retailers on our users' behalf.

Full information and contact details of our operator are provided in our Terms of Use.

Play from Anywhere in the World

Anyone, regardless of nationality, can purchase official lottery tickets through lottosmile.in. Whether you're an Irish citizen who loves US Powerball or an Australian player who can't get enough of EuroMillions, starting an account is all it takes to start playing your favourite global lotteries online. We've proven over and over that luck has no boundaries and we take great pleasure in making seemingly impossible dreams come true for lottery players around the globe.

It's Your Jackpot, Not Ours – Absolutely No Commissions Taken

Over the years we have provided millions of players with tickets to lotteries across the globe, and enjoyed having more than 5 million winners on this site. We charge a handling fee, already included in the ticket price, which allows us to operate without taking any commissions from what our users win, no matter how big their prize is. lottosmile.in is not affiliated with any official lottery organisation.

A Simple and Secure Service

Once you make a purchase through lottosmile.in, a representative at one of our local offices purchases your official lottery tickets in person on your behalf. The tickets are scanned and uploaded to your private account. Each scanned ticket is stamped with a serial number, along with the date, time, and place of purchase by the official lottery itself. In some lotteries, however, we provide a reasonable facsimile of the ticket for operational reasons. You can see your tickets in your account before the draw. The tickets are secured in a safe in our local office and presented to the official lottery operator on your behalf when you win.

Winning Made Easy

As soon as the winning numbers are released, we will notify you by email or SMS if you've won a prize, including jackpot or secondary prizes. The entire prize amount is then transferred directly to your account on lottosmile.in. No commission is ever taken on prizes at lottosmile.in – what you win is entirely yours. Should you win a large sum of money, you may need to travel to collect your win in person. lottosmile.in's VIP team will assist you with the required documentation and you will even get a free flight courtesy of lottosmile.in!

If you are not satisfied with our service for any reason, we will refund your first purchase in full.

Where Winners Gather

Over the years, we've had the privilege of paying out over $100 million in prizes to our customers. That $100 million includes some huge winners:

lottosmile.in's Hall of Fortune

  1. A. D. – 2017, Florida Lotto, $30 million

  2. M. M. – 2015, Oregon Megabucks, $6.4 million

  3. N. – 2017, US Mega Millions, $1 million

  4. G. – 2016, US Powerball, $1 million

  5. P. – 2016, US Powerball, $1 million

  6. H. V. – 2016, US Powerball, $1 million

  7. B. U. – 2012, US Powerball, $1 million

  8. S – 2016, Austria Lotto, €824,000

  9. A. K. – 2013, Italy SuperStar, €578,000

  10. I. K. – 2013, EuroMillions, €489,000

Have questions about the service or your account? Don't hesitate to contact our knowledgeable Customer Support team or look through our extensive FAQ page for more information.