Most Complete Guide of the Diwali Bumper Lottery in India

The State Diwali Bumper Lottery is an annual event organized by Future Gaming, one of the leading distributors of lottery in India. The Diwali Bumper draw is organized during the Diwali festival which celebrates the homecoming of the God Lord Rama after he had been exiled for 14 years.

This amazing lottery draw offers very interesting prizes. Not only the first prize of the Diwali Bumper Lottery is amounting to Rs10 Crore or Rs1000 Lakh divided between 2 winning tickets, but there are also thousands of winning tickets drawn every year. The prize pool exceeds Rs17 Crore!

1. Diwali Bumper Rules

4. Diwali Bumper's Jackpots

2. Diwali Bumper's Next Draw

5. Diwali Lottery History

3 Your Diwali Bumper Ticket

1. How to Participate in the Diwali Bumper Lottery?

To participate in the Punjab State Diwali Bumper, you need to be an Indian citizen. The good news is that anyone from India can be a part of the biggest Indian draw!

You have to contact Ghandi Brothers Lottery retailers/dealers and buy a ticket. A Diwali Bumper ticket costs Rs 250 to which you have to add Rs 90 for postal and packing charges if you buy less than 3 tickets. For 3 tickets or more, there are no extra charges.

Once you have purchased your ticket, you usually receive it at the address given to the Punjab Lottery retailers by Speedpost or courier. In 2020 however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, players received their Diwali Bumper lottery ticket by email.

Once you receive your Diwali ticket, you will see that there are two series of the Punjab State Maa Lakshmi Diwali Pooja Bumper lottery: A and B. First and second prizes are guaranteed in Public.

2. When is the next Diwali Bumper draw taking place?

The next Diwali Bumper Lottery draw has not been announced. It will take place during Diwali in 2023 2021*. We will let you know as soon as we will hear about the exact date of the next Diwali Bumper lottery draw.

The Diwali Bumper Lottery will, therefore, offer Twenty Lakh lottery tickets with two series, A and B, numbered between 000000 and 999999, each.

*The date of draw and venue can be changed by the lottery’s director under exceptional circumstances!

3. How to make sure your Diwali Bumper ticket is genuine?

There are few things you should check to make sure your Diwali Bumper ticket is genuine:

  • Your Diwali Bumper ticket should have the logo of the Punjab Government printed on the top left.

  • Govt. of Punjab should be written all over your ticket, on both sides, in English & Punjabi.

  • On the down right, you should be able to see the signature and official stamp of the Principal Secretary of the Department of Finance of Punjab’s Government.

  • On the down part of your ticket, in the middle, next to the date of the draw, you should be able to see a bar code and a QR code printed.

4. What jackpots can you win at the Diwali Bumper Lottery?

The Punjab State Diwali Bumper lottery guarantees the first prize to the public. It is worth Rs 1.50 Crore while the second prize will be of Rs10 Lakh.

The 2020's lottery scheme of the Diwali Bumper guaranteed 2 prize winners winning Rs 1.5 Crore each. This was slightly lower than 2019 (2 x 2.5 Crore in 2019) due to the Covid Pandemic.

Here are the prizes you could win at the Bumper Lottery in 2020 and how many winners each category offered:

Prize Category Number of Winners Prize

1st Prize


Rs 1.50 Crore (guaranteed to the public)

2nd Prize


Rs 10 lakh (guaranteed to the public)

3rd Prize


Rs 2.5 lakh

4th Prize


Rs 50000/-

5th Prize


Rs 20000/-

6th Prize


Rs 5000/-

7th Prize



8th Prize


Rs 250/-

5. All About the Diwali Gambling Legend

It all starts with the most famous Hindu holiday, the Diwali. This 5 days long festival is celebrated every year by all Indians at the end of October/ beginning of November. Its date is slightly changing every year and depending which part of the country you are in, festivities may be a bit different.

It is a festival of light and celebrates the return of the god Lord Rama to his kingdom after he had been in exile for 14 years. To celebrate this happy moment, according to a Hindu legend, Lord Rama’s people lit divas (clay oil lamps) in their homes.

During this time, Lakshmi will come and visit the home of Hindus, this is why they are cleaned and decorated before this important festival. Everything must be shining to please and attract the Goddess Lakshmi in Hindu houses. People invite each other into their homes, and enjoy this holiday.

In the North of India, Diwali’s celebration includes a lot of fireworks and ceremonial gambling at home. This is one of the most important activities of the festival. This gambling includes a lot of popular games such as Poker, Blackjack or even Teen Patti (three-card brag). This is because the legend states that the Goddess Parvati was playing dice with God Shiva, her husband on the 4th day of Diwali. She won, and then declared that whoever gambled on Diwali will enjoy prosperity for the coming year.

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