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Play Texas Cash Five Online

Play Texas Cash Five Online

How to Play Texas Cash Five Online

To play this American lottery you need to select 5 numbers from a guess range of 1 to 35 in the grid above. After deciding on the numbers, you’re ready to purchase the official Texas Cash Five ticket! You can manually select your lucky numbers and save them into your account for later use; or go for the Quick Pick option that automatically generates them for you. This Texan lotto comes with some amazing winning odds of 1 in 324,632 because of its small guess range.

Playing the lottery online on LottoSmile comes with a few advantages you should know about. You have the possibility of buying a standard single entry or subscribe to as many successive draws as you want. The Subscription comes with every 10th ticket for free. Another great option is going for a Multi-draw package which allows you to participate in 5, 10, 15, 25 up to 52 successive draws, bringing a discount of up to 25%.

play Texas Cash Five from India

Can I Play the Texas Cash Five Draws from India?

You certainly can! You can play Texas Cash Five online from the comfort of your home on LottoSmile. Not only that but once you set up your personal account on our platform, you get access to many other international lotteries! We also offer two other Texan lotteries you should try; the Texas Two Step, Texas Lotto, or theTexas Lotto Extra. After you purchase your tickets on LottoSmile, one of our representatives go out and buys official lotto tickets on your behalf, always from an authorized retailer.

The scanned versions of the tickets will then be delivered in your personal account, just in time for the official draw. When you check the numbers on the ticket, you will notice that it comes with a unique identification number which makes you the exclusive owner of that entry and all the winnings it might bring. If you need further explanations on How It Works, read our dedicated page to get a complete overview.

 Texas Cash Five Draws

When Are the Texas Cash Five Draws?

The Texas Cash Five draws take place Monday through Saturday at 22:12 local CST, 8:30 India Standard Time. If you want to stay updated with the results, without having to wake up early to check, you can subscribe to our free alerts service. On you can subscribe to this service and you will get notified via e-mail or SMS immediately after the winning numbers are draws. This way, you will never miss a lotto win!

If you win any lotto prizes, we will transfer the money to your personal account as soon as the lottery officials make it available to us. We strongly believe that the prizes belong solely to our winners, so we never place any commission on your wins which are delivered to you in full every time. So, regardless of how much or how little you win, the amount will be delivered in your account. The situation may be different if you are lucky enough to win a jackpot, as some lotteries require players to travel and collect their prizes in person. If this happens, our team will assist you and offer all the support you need during the prize-collecting process.

 Win Texas Cash Five

How to Win the Texas Cash Five Prizes

To win the jackpot offered by the Texas Cash Five lotto you have to match all the 5 numbers selected from a range of 1 to 35. Thanks to the amazingly small range, your odds of winning are also amazing, at 1 in 324,632. As you can see, this cool Texan lotto shouldn’t be missed! All prizes in this lottery, including the jackpot, are paid out in one lump-sum payment, and you qualify for secondary prizes even if you match only 4, 3, or even 2 numbers!

By playing online on LottoSmile, you get to experience the excitement of the lottery world from home. You get access to this American lottery, as well as many others, so there is no reason for you not to try your luck. You can’t miss the opportunity to play the Texas Cash Five online! Good luck in the upcoming draw!