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 The upcoming draw in the Loteria del Niño will be held in January 2022, but in the meantime, you can play Loteria Nacional Extra!

How to Buy Shares for the Loteria Del Niño Online from India

The grand jackpot for the Loteria del Niño was worth €2 million in January 2020, but the prize pool amounted to a staggering €700 million because its main aim is to make a lot of winners. In fact, 1 in 3 players gets to win a prize in this lottery. And if these odds seem unbelievable, then let us tell you about the 17 prize categories in the El Niño! If you want to purchase shares for this amazing Spanish lottery, all you have to do is choose your favorite number from the list and then simply select how many shares you would like to buy for it by using the +/- buttons and press PLAY. Remember that from 4 shares on, you have a 10% discount on theLotter. The upcoming draw in the Loteria del Niño will be held in January 2019, but in the meantime, you can play Loteria Nacional Extra!

Can I Buy Shares for the El Niño Lottery Online?

Of course you can. On LottoSmile, you can purchase your official shares in the Loteria del Niño, which takes place on January 6th every year. The shares you see on this page are for the official tickets of the lottery, which have been purchased by our local agents. And to purchase them, all you have to do is select the number of shares you want by using the +/- buttons. After buying your share, you will receive a scanned version of the ticket you have chosen for the Loteria del Niño in your private account. If you are among the many lucky winners of this lottery, then you will receive your prize money in your private account. And if you win big in the El Niño, then you may have to travel to Spain to collect your prize personally. We provide complimentary flights for our winners, as well as step-by-step guidance for the prize collection process.On theLotter, you can also play other Spanish favorites like Loteria Nacional or La Primitiva.

How to Buy Your Shares in the Loteria del Niño

It’s so easy to play in the El Niño on LottoSmile. All you have to do is select the number you want to play, and then the number of shares you want to purchase. And you should be quick about it! Buy your share in the Loteria del Niño before the numbers run out! There is a limited amount of numbers available on our platform, so if you have a favorite one in mind, you should buy your shares as soon as possible before somebody else beats you to them! Please note that you must be a registered user on theLotter to complete your payment on your Loteria del Niño shares. After the draw on January 6th, you can check your results online and see if you are one of the many winners of this fantastic lottery! So, get your good luck charm for 2018 on LottoSmile!

Why Play the Loteria del Niño

If you’re still in doubt about this big Spanish lottery, then let us tell you about the enormous prize pool it has for January 6th! The full list of prizes amounts to a staggering €700 MILLION. That’s right, €700 MILLION. The grand jackpot in the game is worth €2 MILLION, which is a very worthy prize to hope for. And if you are wondering about the great difference between the jackpot and the rest of the pool, then you should know that there are 17 prize categories in the game. As such, there are as many as 37,000 winning combinations in the game and 1 in 3 players has the chance to win a prize. As for the jackpot, it has the absolute best winning odds in the entire lottery market: 1 in 100,000! The only other lottery to have such amazing odds for the grand jackpot is the Loteria de Navidad. Considering the odds and the fantastic prizes, you simply cannot miss El Niño!

How Will I Know If I Win the Loteria del Niño?

After the big El Niño draw on January 6th 2018 and the subsequent validation process, you can check your results here. On our results page, you will find the full information about the winning number for the grand jackpot, as well as the fantastic secondary prizes. You can even enter the number you have played and our system will tell you if you are one of the winners. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the most exciting part of the entire lottery. Nothing compares to the moment when you find out that your lottery dreams have finally come true. So, put in your tickets and maybe 2018 will be the lucky year for you!

Buy Your Shares for the Loteria Del Niño on theLotter

The El Niño lottery is held in Spain on January 6th, just in time to mark the beginning of the new year. In this amazing Spanish lottery, you can buy shares for one of the numbers from 00,000 to 99,999. Each of the 100,000 numbers in the game is divided into 50 series and for each of these series there are 10 shares available to players. As such, to play the Loteria del Niño, you can purchase shares for the number you want to play with. There are 50 million shares available for the entire lottery so you will have plenty to choose from. With a prize pool of millions of dollars, this is one lottery you do not want to miss. Good luck in the new year! To find out more information about El Nino, click here and learn about all of its amazing features.

You should also take the time to play the Spanish Loteria Nacional Extra for a complete experience!

Fun Facts about the Loteria del Niño

The El Niño lottery has a longstanding tradition of more than 100 years of amazing draws. As for the name of the lottery, the Loteria Del Niño, several hypotheses have been made. One of them says that the lottery has taken this name because the draw takes place on the day when the Magi visited the baby Jesus, January 6th. But while this is the accepted version, researcher Gabriel Medina has come up with a very different theory. In one of his studies, he points out that the draw for El Niño was created by the Duchess of Santoña, in order to raise funds for a children's hospital. Moreover, in that format of the draw, children seem to have played an important role, such as singing the winning numbers, as they do now in other raffles in Spain. As a novelty, the Loteria del Niño of 2018 will be held in the Spanish city of Avila, and its tenths will be an allegory about Santa Teresa.If you want yo find out more about other amazing raffles, then visit our guide to the Loteria de Navidad and enjoy our collection of the most amazing Spanish Chrsitmas Lottery adverts.