Lottery Raffle - How to

You want to play a lottery raffle, but don’t know how… This is the page for you! Come play the best worldwide lottery raffles on LottoSmile. All you have to do is choose your lottery raffle and the number of tickets or shares you want to participate with.

After playing, you can always check the raffle results on our site. It is simple: your numbers match the ones that were pulled out, you are a winner. However, you can win with only a few numbers guessed right, depending on the lottery raffle you participated to.

What is a lottery raffle?

A lottery raffle is a gambling competition in which you get a ticket with a preset number already printed on it. In the draw, only the numbers that were purchased will participate, which means that there is a winner to every prize, during every draw!

How does a lottery raffle work?

It is simple, you get a ticket to a lottery raffle for a chance to win a prize. It is similar to a lottery game, but on a raffle ticket you get a pre-printed code on your ticket. In a raffle, as the draws include only the numbers or codes that were sold, there is always a winner!

How can you participate to a lottery raffle online?

Purchase your ticket or share as to participate to a lottery raffle. You can do so online. On your ticket you will see a pre-set number or code, if this is matching the numbers pulled out during the draw, you win! Most lottery raffles offer more prizes, so you may win even if you didn’t guess all the numbers. Check out the rules of the lottery raffle you are interested into.

Why should you try a lottery raffle?

Well, aside from the fact that it is fun, there are a couple of reasons that should convince you to try a lottery raffle:

  • A lottery raffle usually offers great winning odds! Indeed, they are often more interesting than lottery jackpot odds.

  • You can win a few nice prizes in general

  • Every prize sees a winner!

  • You can choose how many full tickets or shares you want to participate with

Besides these amazing reasons, here are some reasons on why you should choose LottoSmile to try a lottery raffle:

  • Enter the most interesting lottery raffles in the world, legally and with official tickets/ shares

  • Benefit from unique play options

  • LottoSmile doesn’t take ANY commission on players winnings

  • You can choose to receive free alerts by email or SMS

How can you increase your odds of winning at a lottery raffle?

You can’t do much to increase your odds of getting a prize at a lottery raffle except purchase more ticket and, or shares. As winnings are based on playing tickets solely, the more tickets you get, the more chance you get. It’s as simple as that!

How is a lottery raffle vs a lottery game?

Lottery raffles and lottery games are very similar, but the main difference between the 2, is the fact that a lottery raffle always creates a winner (or more) of every prize as the winning combination is selected between the participating combinations.

Here are the main differences between a lottery raffle vs a lottery game:

  • A lottery raffle offers a pre-printed code on the ticket you get while when you buy your lottery ticket, you can choose the numbers you want (or use the Quick Pick option to give you a random selection of numbers.)

  • Every raffle always sees a winner (at least) of every prize! In certain lotteries, the jackpot can rollover when he isn’t won, or shared amongst the winners of the second category.

  • In a lottery raffle you know how many winning tickets there will be while it is random in lottery games.

Now that you know everything about how a lottery raffle works and how to participate, you may want to try your luck. For the moment, LottoSmile offers a monthly lottery raffle: Loteria Nacional Extra.
At the end of the year, you can try the magic of Christmas with the Loteria de Navidad. It is one of Europe’s most traditional and historical lottery draw!
To start fresh the year, you can try the Loteria de Nino. Whatever your choice, we wish you luck!