Play New York Lotto Online from India

play New York Lotto

How to Play New York Lotto Online?

Playing the New York Lotto online is very easy! You only need to choose six numbers from a range of 1 to 59 and enter the draw.; your purpose being to guess all the main numbers. If you manage to do it, you will win the New York Lotto jackpot which starts at a minimum of $2 million. Doesn't that sound great?

You can play this New York lottery online from India by creating an account on . After your account is set, you can opt for various services such as the free e-mail and SMS alerts to notify you when the draws take place and when the NY Lotto results are published.

additional number New York Lotto

What is the Additional Number of the New York Lotto?

During the official draw of the New York lottery,  an additional number is drawn from the same barrel than the main numbers during the official draw. This seventh number only helps players to get the second prize.

Please note that the additional number is always drawn last and it has nothing to do with determining the winner of the jackpot or any of the other prizes, except the second one. This additional number is only relevant for players who guess five of the six main numbers and who match the additional number extracted from the barrel.

play New York Lotto from India

Can I Play New York Lotto from India?

You can easily buy New York Lotto tickets online on LottoSmile. Choosing our platform to purchase lottery tickets is a safe and legal option for all Indian residents, as our local agents will purchase them on your behalf from authorized retailers in New York. You will then receive scanned copies in your account just in time for the next draw. The process is simple and you can opt for different services like the Multi-draw (your ticket will be included in multiple future draws) which come with discounts and special offers.

By creating your online account, you will get the chance to play many other lottery draws, such as the World famous US Powerball, or its main opponent the ;US Mega Millions. You could also try the Austria EuroMillions , and many more to increase your chances of winning big! The platform enables you to play using any device, be it your computer, tablet, or even phone!

New York Lotto draw time

At what Time is the New York Lotto Drawn?

The NY lottery draw takes place twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday at 23.00 EST New York time (Thursday and Sunday at 9.30, New Delhi time). If you want to ensure you never miss a New York Lotto draw you should check the Subscription option available under the grids. It comes with a free ticket every 10th draw. This way you will participate in all draws until you decide to unsubscribe.

Another affordable way to ensure your participation in future NY lottery draws is the Multi-draw option. By checking it, you can set the number of successive draws you want to take part in, benefiting from discounts up to 25%.

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How to Win the New York Lotto Jackpot?

To become the next New York Lotto jackpot winner, you need to guess all the six main numbers. Remember that the additional number doesn’t matter for the main prize. The New York Lotto jackpot cannot ever go lower than $2 million, and with every rollover, the amount increases. There is no jackpot cap. The record for the first prize is an astonishing $65 million!

With a New York lottery ticket purchased online on, you benefit from a few special play options. Syndicates and bundles allow you to buy more tickets by sharing the cost with a group of people and increase your odds of winning. Every player holds a number of shares and if they win, the prize is split accordingly.

prizes and odds of winning NY Lotto

What are the New York Lotto Prizes and Odds of Winning?

NY Lotto is one of the best lotteries to play. It offers 5 prizes with quite good odds of winning compared to other major lotteries. You have a 1 in 45,057,474.00 chance of winning the Jackpot and a 1 in 7,509,579.00 shot of winning the second prize which is also a decent amount of money.

You should know that for every Lotto draw, 40% of sales goes to prize money. This amount is split as follows: 75% goes to the jackpot, 7.25% to the second prize, and over 5% to the third. This means that there is not a fixed value for the prizes and they can increase based on ticket sales.

increase chances of winning

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning NY Lotto?

There are ways to stack the odds of winning the New York Lotto in your favor. LottoSmile offers you some game enhancers that will take your play to the next level. Systematic forms give you the chance to enter the game with every possible combination of 8 to 12 numbers of your choice. With this option, you get your very own multiplier, as the winning numbers will be featured on more than one ticket.

Another way to increase your odds is by joining a syndicate. This way, you own (partially) a large number of tickets and you split the cost with other players. You can purchase a share and if your syndicate wins, the prize will be split between the members. The amount each player gets is determined by how many shares they bought. To combine standard game play with syndicates, go for bundles (you get a personal entry and a share in a New York Lotto syndicate).

biggest NY Lotto winners

Biggest New York Lotto Winners

We all dream of winning big and you’ll be happy to hear the stories of NY Lotto winners. The record was set on November 30, 2007 when a player took home the New York Lotto jackpot of $65 million! This is the biggest New York Lotto Jackpot won since the game format changed to what it is today (59 balls).

To follow in his footsteps and make your dreams a reality, you should start playing online on As the motto of the New York Lottery goes: “Hey, you never know!”

charity with NY Lotto

Giving Back with New York Lotto

By purchasing tickets from any New York lottery you do your part in helping those in need. Profits from tickets sold by NY lotteries go towards the funding of K-12 public schools. The aid to education from the New York lotteries has reached over $64 billion since 1967.

They also support small businesses, as there are over 17,000 lottery ticket retailers who get a commission on ticket sales. Winning while doing a good deed has never been easier! Get your New York lotto ticket online and good luck!