The Best Lottery Ads of All Time

While it may not seem to be a usual target of advertising, there were some lottery commercials over the years that have exceeded all standards and stood out as some of the best on the market. Playing the lottery is so fun, so most of these ads are extremely entertaining.

EuroMillions, Loteria de Navidad and Mega Millions are just a few lotteries present on our list of amazing commercials! So, without further ado, let us show you the best lottery commercials in advertising history!

1. Justino

5. The Megaply Commercial

2. Pleasenotthem

6. Lotto Dog

3. Snowfall

7. Yeah, That Kind of Rich

4. Big Enough For Island Shopping

8. Over the Rainbow

1. Justino – The Spanish Christmas Lottery

This is the best lottery commercial of all time because it features an unexpectedly moving story about a man who always goes out of his way to make a better day for those around him. Justino is a night guard in a mannequin factory in Spain. As his job leaves him quite lonely, he uses the mannequins to make special installations for his colleagues to find in the morning.

With Christmas on the way, Justino begins a majestic plan to build a very special Christmas tree for them. Being very busy putting his plan into practice, Justino forgets about putting in his share for the Loteria de Navidad raffle. The Christmas Lottery is the biggest lotto event of the year in Spain and it is part of the local holiday traditions.

On his way in to work, Justino reads the newspaper and finds out that the factory syndicate has won the Loteria de Navidad raffle. This is the moment when he realizes that he had forgotten to put in a share. While he feels sorry for missing out on the prize, he goes in ready to congratulate his colleagues on their big win. But their reaction takes Justino completely by surprise. To find out why, watch this adorably heartwarming Navidad's Lottery commercial.

Watch the video here!

2. #Pleasenotthem – James Blunt – The UK National Lottery

This is one of the most amusing lottery commercials we have ever seen. It features singer James Blunt talking about how he would use a lottery win to give back to the people. His aim is that everybody should feel better about themselves, everybody should feel beautiful.

And, in his view, the ideal way for them to get that is to have James Blunt himself tell them that every single day. While hearing that “You’re beautiful” from the star may seem exciting at first, having that every single day may not be the inspiring experience you may think it to be.

You have to watch the video to find out just how bad things would be if James Blunt won the UK National Lottery. Everybody has a chance to become a winner when playing the lottery, but after seeing this commercial, we definitely hope that it won’t be James Blunt.

Watch the video here!

3. Snowfall – California Lottery Powerball Commercial

This moving commercial was made to celebrate the US Powerball lottery coming to California, which was one of the happiest lottery news to hit the United States. In fact, the ad was made precisely to relay the size of this exciting event.

The best thing about this amazing commercial is the dramatic rendition of “California Dreaming”, which was specifically made for the Powerball ad. So, watch how sunny California is taken by the irresistible lottery fever of the US Powerball, but you should know that this type of fever is extremely contagious.

Watch the video here!

4. “Big Enough To Go Island Shopping” – EuroMillions

Everybody knows that the jackpots in the EuroMillions lottery are simply larger than life. But exactly how big is a $10 Lakh jackpot? Well, as you can see in this hilarious commercial, it is just big enough for winners to go island shopping with their lotto prize.

Watch this adorable ad to find out just how an island purchased by an Irishman for his local community would look like. If you’ve never seen an exotic island with a very intense Irish charm, then take a look at this EuroMillions commercial because it will seduce you irrevocably.

Watch the video here!

5. The Megaply Commercial – Mega Millions

If you’ve ever played Mega Millions, then you must know the golden rule: Don’t forget to Megaply! This hilarious ad was made precisely to point out how important it is to check the Megaplier option. With only $1.00 extra, you can increase your winnings significantly!

The man in this commercial finds out he’s won an amazing $10,000 and he’s on top of the world. He gives his wife the amazing news, and she’s obviously thrilled, but she immediately asks about the Megaplier. And then, the man realizes that he forgot to megaply.

So, instead of winning $20,000, $30,000, $40,000 or even $50,000, his prize stayed at $10,000. So, learn from his mistakes and don’t ever forget to megaply when playing Mega Millions! $1.00 can get you a very long way when it comes to the Mega Millions.

Watch the video here!

6. Lotto Dog – New Zealand Powerball

Get ready to get emotional! The Lotto Dog commercial from 2011 advertises the New Zealand Powerball through an epic story featuring a lost puppy. The owner of the dog wins the lottery but gets separated from his dog which then goes on a dangerous quest to return the winning ticket to his owner.

The adorable hero has to overcome many challenges; climbing over mountains, surviving rolling seas, fighting fierce strays, but in the end, he arrives home. What he finds when he returns to his owner is a shocking, heartbreaking scene that changes the course of the entire story.

You need to watch the New Zealand Powerball add to see exactly what happens to our canine hero! We can assure you that you will be surprised and impressed by this award-winning lottery ad!

Watch the video here!

7. Yeah, That Kind of Rich – US Powerball

US Powerball produced the funniest lottery ad you’ll ever see. Yeah, That Kind of Rich will have you rolling on the floor laughing with its story. It presents a couple of friends walking through the city, when all of a sudden, hell breaks loose! There’s an alien invasion, gun-carrying monsters and flying cars.

We promise, you’ve never seen anything like that; in only 30 seconds you’ll be surprised, amused and impressed! You need to watch it until the end to see what happens when someone gets that kind of rich! Enjoy!

Watch the video here!

8. Over the Rainbow – Norwegian Lotto

The last entry on our list mixes great music, amazing story telling and an emotional message worth taking to heart. A group of seniors living in a nursing home have a grudge against one of the nurses, a mean, evil-spirited woman.

All of them play the lottery regularly and watch the draws live on TV to check if they one. One of them eventually wins the jackpot, and what the person chooses to do with the winning ticket will leave you in awe! Take the time to check out Over the Rainbow to discover the ending and be inspired to start playing the lottery.

Watch the video here!

Did you enjoy our selection of the best lottery adds of all time? Which of them did you like most? Will it be adorable Justino, dramatic Snowfall, delightfully annoying James Blunt, the charming Irish island, the man who forgot to Megaply, the canine hero or the senior citizens? Let us know which one is your favourite, and why, in the comments section below.